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Join the #FashionRevolution (2020)

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Every year I join Fashion Revolution Week because I care about clothes and the people who make them. Behind the pretty clothes and runway shows, the fashion industry has a very dark side to it and one that has for so long lacked transparency and accountability across the supply-chain. Fashion is wonderful and it can and should make us feel …

Knowing your Personal Style can save the planet

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The Fashion Industry is the 4th most polluting industry in the world,  transparency around where our clothes come from isn’t very common- so many people can be forgiven for not knowing about it. Join me at Going Green in 2018’s Online Summit on April 24th at 6.30pm until 9.30pm, in support of Fashion Revolution Week to discuss why knowing our …

Roberta Style Lee BLOG What is a Sustainable wardrobe

What Is A Sustainable Wardrobe?

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I started to talk about the ‘Sustainable Wardrobe’ back in 2016.   It’s interesting becuase back then, the concept of a sustainable wardrobe sounded alien to people, although the fundamental building blocks made perfect sense, once I pointed out that we’ve forgotten how to shop for the long-term. Nowadays the term a sustainable wardrobe is starting to be used more widely,  …