sustainable fashion speaker delivering engaging talks that inspire ACTION

on BBC

Roberta is media-trained and confident in appearing on live TV. 

In this news broadcast, Roberta talks about what makes fashion sustainable, clothing swaps,  sharing personal antidotes relating to her own outfit and style journey, as well as highlighting alternative ethical and sustainable brands that are doing good. 

Roberta Lee - Sustainable Fashion Speaker at Black History Month Event

sustainable fashion speaker

Hi, I’m Roberta!  I’m a sustainable fashion expert and experienced speaker based in London, also known as The Sustainable Stylist. I’ve been talking about the actionable steps we can all take to make a difference, and what sustainable fashion actually means – for almost a decade.

on ITV

Discussing fast-fashion and and how we’ve developed a disposable relationship with our clothing, as well as alternatives to shopping new and participating in clothing swaps. 

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sustainable fashion expert

I’ve been talking about sustainable fashion for a long time, and I am extremely confident on stage, live broadcasting or online summits.  I am able to host panel debates or contribute as key note speaker.

I enjoy interactive sessions that engage the audience and invite them to share their own stories, antidotes and recommendations.   

on stage & live styling

moderating panels

If you’re looking for a moderator for panel discussions or an event host get in touch!  

My goal is to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak, they don’t use fast fashion facts and climate stats to scaremonger people.  I believe long-term sustainable action can only come from positive reinforcement. In our role as speakers, we must encourage everyone to get started on their sustainable journey with examples people can take away and put into action. 

speaking topics

  • Knowing your style can help save the planet 
  • Small but mighty steps towards a sustainable future 
  • Greenwashing and how to spot it 
  • Transitioning towards a sustainable wardrobe 
  • Wearing your values – creating powerful style stories