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Roberta Lee | Creator of: Create Your Own Personal Style Course

sustainable stylists

A sustainable stylist like myself will adopt a holistic approach to personal style and empowerment, and ensure that our client’s fashion choices are a reflection of who they are and what they believe in.  The fundamental focus is on styling, not going out and embarking upon unnecessary shopping.   

As a sustainable stylist, I encourage my clients to consider the social and environmental impacts of clothing choices, and ultimately build a wardrobe that is aligned with their values.

Some sustainable stylists will adopt a few sustainable elements to their work, while others will be fully immersed in the sustainable fashion movement and will have been working sustainably before it became trendy. 

Yes, in case you’re wondering, if that’s me, I actually started out as a sustainable stylist when nobody was looking to work sustainably because it was an important part of my core values, I’ve built up years of experience practising what I teach, you can check out my journey on my About page here

I’m very proud to be supporting a movement that aims to make fashion a force for good, as a tool to empower and protect our planet for future generations. 

I am all about embracing the imperfect sustainability journey and helping my clients get started.  My relationship with my clients will naturally extend over a period of time because building a sustainable wardrobe is a journey, not a final destination.  This is why I offer a monthly Style SOS Service that enables them to keep in touch between styling appointments and get help and guidance over the phone. 

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If you are interested in booking a styling experience please book a discovery call so we can put the right package together for you.

1:1 rates start from £1000.
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Roberta Lee styling a client sustainably, roberta styles a neck tie on a slim trans woman

what makes me a stylist sustainable?

Sustainability in my world translates to:

  • Utilising what you have, 
  • Upcycling, 
  • Repairs,
  • Purchasing preloved,
  • Supporting smaller ethical and sustainable brands over fast fashion, 
  • Buying less (aiming for over 100-wears from every item)
  • Buyer better quality (the best you can afford)
  • Understanding fabric composition (the pros and cons)
  • Avoiding trend items that will end up in landfill, 
  • Thinking about your wardrobe for the long term, 
  • Normalising outfit repeating,
  • Understanding how to maintain clothing so it lasts, 
  • Caring for clothes so they minimise their impact on the environment. 


the role of a sustainable stylist

Ultimately, a sustainable stylist empowers individuals to express their style authentically while making conscious choices that support personal styling, the well-being of the people who make the clothes and our planet. 

I always recommend you check out a stylist’s background and see if their actions and outfits are aligned with their marketing messages – a little online research will show what being a sustainable stylist means to them. If it aligns with you great, if not keep searching until you find a stylist that resonates with you.

Whomever you work with should understand the complexity of the sustainable fashion movement and how to navigate it whilst catering to your needs.

Find a sustainable stylist who has a message that resonates with you. By doing so you’ll get more out of the styling experience when it’s fun, personalised to you and with someone who inspires you.  Always take advantage of a free discovery call and chat with a sustainable stylist to find out if their approach is aligned with yours.

why being a sustainable stylist is important

What makes a sustainable stylist truly sustainable is their commitment to promoting a mindful, sustainable and ethical approach to styling.   

Traditional stylists often focus on pushing products and encouraging constant shopping (those affiliate links, commissions and bonuses add up when you have a large audience). 

Promoting unnecessary consumption conflicts with the sustainability movement. 

Over the last 8+ years, I have not engaged in any paid promotions – I will never promote brands that aren’t aligned with my values. 

You can see just a few brands I have recommended over the years on my Stylists Picks page.  

Whomever you work with should understand the complexity of the sustainable fashion movement and how to navigate it whilst catering to your needs.