sustainable brands guide

recommendations and reviews

In my sustainable brands guide, I share recommendations for sustainable fashion and beauty products so you can 
discover businesses that are making a positive impact.  

My sustainable brand reviews and ratings are honest, you can trust these products have been tried and tested by me.  
If an item has been gifted it is marked with a (g*) 

Whilst sustainable living is about lowering our impact and cutting back our consumption, we still need to support businesses that are doing good, if we want to see them survive.  

I hope that these reviews will help you decide on what small businesses to support on your own journey towards a sustainable wardrobe and ethical lifestyle. 

Hopefully this guide proves that you don’t have to dress in muted colours, over-sized shapeless clothes and give up on style or life’s luxuries in order to do good. 

"'every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.'" - Anne Lappe