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Colour Analysis Experience

Colour Analysis Service: Discover the joy of wearing colours that make you look and feel amazing. Knowing the colours to wear and invest in is a complete game-changer – build your wardrobe sustainably by selecting the colours that make you glow and feel WOW!

Discover Your Colours

Get a professional colour analysis done with the 4-seasons colour swatches. Discover your skin’s undertones through the colour swatch analysis process and find out what colours to wear to emphasise your skin tone, helping you look more vibrant and youthful without any makeup!

2.5 hours

Time allocation for delivery of service (not including prep).

If you’re looking for enlightenment, forget yoga! Get your colours done with Roberta!
Daniela, Personal Styling Client | Italy

what to expect:

I do not offer digital colour analysis as a stand-alone service.  Analysis with defining drapes and a large collection of colours is a more accurate and impactful experience for you.  You’ll get to sit down and enjoy seeing the transformative effect of colour in real life, nothing beats finding your WOW colours in an in-person setting.

Additional time is needed post-session to edit photographs and complete your digital handout which takes approximately 2 hours.


– Submit a photo for a digital analysis and start to review the colours you have
– Arrange for a location in your home for a good analysis in natural day light (without any shadows)
– Organise a chair and a mirror (or a small mirror can be provided)
– Remove all makeup and tie hair back


– We’ll talk through your natural attributes and determine key characteristics of your unique appearance
– We will look at your features and discover if your dominate feature is bright, soft, deep or light etc
– A set of defining drapes will help us uncover your undertones (warm or cool)
– We’ll then explore your WOW colours from a key season (or two) and identify your best neutrals
– We will look at colour combinations at how to mix and match your favourite colours


– You’ll get a set of material swatches (unless we decide on a bespoke set which will take 15-20 days to order)
– You’ll receive a digital handout with a set of photos from your colour analysis experience within 7-days
– You can continue ti get colour guidance and advice for 1-month afterwards with my commentary style SOS service

can be booked as a stand alone service


No. I don’t offer digital analysis as a service – working with me is as much about the journey as it is about getting the results. You will have a far more enjoyable experience doing colour analysis in person. There are lots of free apps that can help you do a quick digital analysis or you can look at my colour style guide for more guidance.

I always allow up to 3 hours.  However, we usually get it done in 2.5.  I don’t rush the analysis process as it’s an experience where I am helping you understand how and what to look for when deciphering colours.

Yes I do – you can find out more about bespoke colour parties here