Colour Analysis


Get a professional colour analysis done with the 4-seasons colour swatches. Discover your skin’s undertones which are impossible to truly detect without the colour swatch analysis process and find out what colours to wear to emphasise your skin tone, helping you look more vibrant and youthful without any makeup!

  • Good natural light is required. You can get your colours done at your home or your office, at a time of day when natural light is at its best.
  • You will need a mirror, a chair and a table for the drapes, if you have long hair, you’ll need a hairband and it is advised that you remove any makeup for the most accurate results.
  • You’ll find out your skin’s undertones (either warm or cool)
  • You will know what are the best base colours for the foundation of your wardrobe (your neutrals)
  • You will know what colours to avoid and why
  • You will get a colour fan for your identified season (autumn, spring, summer or winter)
  • You get a personalised colour chart that you can access your phone – these made bespoke and are delivered within 7-days after the session.
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