'What Is A Sustainable Wardrobe & How Do I Build One?'

What Is A Sustainable Wardrobe?

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This is a bit of a #TBT moment from when I attended AmaElla Lingerie Fashion Ethics Party talking about the Sustainable Wardrobe last year in October 2016. I’m the first to admit I was a slave to fashion and shopped on mass without a conscience for many years – it is because of this excessive behaviour I felt compelled to make amends and become the change I wanted to see. So I started my journey and became fashion conscious and have not looked back since.  I was invited to talk at the party (the opening talk of the night too!) and share some insight on personal styling and our UK shopping habits, as well as offering and tips on how to be more sustainable with our style going forward.

Why should we care about a Sustainable Wardrobe?

  • Did you know the average British women spends more than half a million pounds on clothes, shoes and accessories in her lifetime?
  • The UK as a collective is guilty of having around £30 billion of any un-used clothing hanging in our wardrobes.
  • Every morning it is estimated that 49% of the nation suffer from ‘wardrobe rage’ and it is responsible for 1 in 10 regularly arriving late for work.
  • According an M&S study 14% of Brits have refused to go out as a result of not being able to find anything to wear.
  • With 57 items unworn per person in the nations wardrobe – it’s clear that the nation struggles to make the most of what they already have.
  • In the UK 430,000 tonnes of clothing is thrown away every year.

*Sources: Oxfam.org / M&S reports / WRAP reports

 In 2013 I became hooked on the idea of sustainable fashion and sustainable styling. In 2015 I gave up my job in the city and launched a business to help women look good, feel good and live great (through coaching & styling) and realised I was in a position to not only help women improve their lives but was able to inspire them to do good along the way.  Today I am proud to promote a sustainable wardrobe (including ethical brands) and I have recently introduced a sustainable styling as a service for clients, I have an e-book and an online course to help empower women to be more fashion conscious.

You can find out more about my styling services and courses here: www.robertastylelee.co.uk

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