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Roberta is often asked to comment by the media, and has appeared on the BBC News and ITV News, and various other European TV channels  as a sustainable style expert to talk about the challenges with over-consumption, fast-fashion and helping to define what sustainable fashion really is.

Roberta is well known in the ‘ethical fashion niche’ in London and is invited to moderate panels and contribute to discussions as an expert speaker.  She has been recognised in Vogue Business for her work as a sustainable stylist.  She has also worked with Channel 4 on the New Model Agency documentary as a stylist and is also featured behind the scenes on the show. 

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Roberta Lee -The Sustainable Stylist Founder of Ethical Brand Directory

About Roberta Lee, The Sustainable Stylist

Roberta Lee, known as The Sustainable Stylist, is a female fashion expert pioneering sustainability in style since 2015.    Through her roles as a stylist, speaker, founder of Ethical Brand Directory and sustainable fashion content creator, she advocates a mindful approach to clothing consumption, emphasising outfit repetition, re-use, repair, and restyling as positive practices.

She prioritises collaboration with ethical and sustainable brands, promoting vintage, upcycled, and preloved fashion.   Roberta harnesses personal style as a tool for empowerment, inspiring individuals to align their values with their wardrobe choices for lasting impact.

Her commercial styling business embodies a commitment to addressing the social and environmental challenges of fashion conscientiously.   Roberta leads by example, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable practices in the industry and inspiring change both on an individual and business level.

The vision: to make sustainable style the norm

passion and purpose

Roberta’s dedication extends beyond ethical living, demonstrating that ethical and environmentally conscious choices can coexist seamlessly with luxury and style.

With a deep concern for the impact on society, animals, and the planet, she champions the #100wears movement, encouraging individuals to ‘wear their values.’   Her primary focus is sustainable styling and guiding clients to work in a way that aligns with their values.

She strongly advocates for sustainability in the public eye, emphasising the importance of influential figures promoting sustainable fashion in their wardrobe choices, particularly during public appearances.  Having collaborated with various well-known celebrities for sustainability-focused events like red carpets, SPOTY,  COP26, and the Earthshot Awards, Roberta has been able to contribute towards positive change in the fashion industry. 

During her time at Ethical Brand Directory she also hosted 2 global Going Green summits with thought leaders from around the globe. 

the mission

To change the way we look at clothes: by using fashion as a force for good, by empowering people to wear their values and build sustainable wardrobes, advocating for a fairer fashion industry that protects people and the planet by 2030.

Roberta Lee commercial styling

Please enquire about commercial styling.  Services include creative direction and styling for brand photoshoots, editorial shoots, catwalks, TV and red carpets. 

A portfolio is available upon request. 

Ethical Brand Directory founded by Roberta Lee in 2017

Ethical Brand Directory, the UK’s first all-in-one platform for business owners and conscious consumers who want to make a positive impact through their everyday actions

Roberta founded the Ethical Brand Directory (EBD) a place for conscious consumers to find brands that care in 2017.   UK’s first all-in-one platform for business owners and conscious consumers who want to make a positive impact through their everyday actions.  

In April 2019 she launched Ethical Brand Boutique and in July 2020. The long-awaited re-launch of Ethical Brand Academy went live.  After COVID-19 sadly a review of the ambitious plans, resources and loss of substantial investment support and money, the Boutique was retired and the Academy went back into development due for re-release across 2023/2024.  

Roberta Lee and pop-up shops

Roberta Lee quotes on personal style

“Building a sustainable wardrobe is a journey – not a final destination”
"Knowing your personal style can help save the planet"

personal styling photography

Roberta Lee - London's Sustainable Stylist - Wearing Preloved and Ethical Fashion Brand Tatum Diamond London

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