Style & Sustainability

Roberta Lee RSL

It’s not a new idea that investing in your style, is an investment in your future – but it’s probably a new concept to most that knowing your personal style can save the planet. On Thursday the 24 of January I officially launched my new series of Sustainable Styling Workshops & Clothing Swaps in London. I invited a small group …

Meet The Changemaker

Roberta Lee RSL

Have you heard about the 30 day #MeetTheChangemakerChallenge created by #EthicalHour? Across January 2019 we are all encouraged to share our changemaker stories and this is the perfect opportunity to highlight the relationship between Roberta Style Lee and Ethical Brand Directory So here goes… I’m a changemaker because: I always wanted to create something that inspired others to believe in …

New Year New Wardrobe

New year, New you, New Wardrobe

Roberta Lee RSL

It takes a person 3 seconds to form an impression of you. So what we wear matters. Having a carefully curated wardrobe offers so many benefits, feeling empowered from the moment you wake up and get dressed is one of the most obvious, and one of the less relatable positive impacts of knowing your style is that it can help …

Personal Styling Workshops Cambridge

Cambridge Sustainable Fashion Festival: Styling Workshops

Roberta Lee RSL

I am a great believer that knowing your style can save the planet.  My goal has always been to empower women to be the best version of themselves from the inside out – and do it in a socially and environmentally responsible way.  Fashion is amazing, personal styling is so empowering, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of the planet, …

Roberta Lee - London based Personal Stylist

Inside-Out Empowerment for women

Roberta Lee Confidence, Fashion & Style, Women In Business

The eternal pursuit of self-improvement is something we are all programmed to do.  How that looks for each of us is different though. Empowerment isn’t just for the select few, its for all of us.   That’s why I’m passionate about empowering women from the inside -out. If I asked you what will you do differently today to get ahead? …