New Model Agency Group Image of Zebedee models: Ade, Shem, Georgia, Dan, Jas, Nan, Ellie, Junior and Kelsi) Styled by Roberta Lee

Channel 4’s New Model Agency (Zebedee) Wardrobe

I shine the spotlight on Channel 4’s New Model Agency and Zebedee model’s outfits I styled for the title shoot. You might be wondering what the series is about. Well, New Model Agency, is a new and fast-paced ob-doc series

Sustainable Styling Challenge Part 1 Swimwear Blue 2-Piece Sustainable Swim Set Bikini

Sustainable Styling Challenge Part 1: Swimwear

Sustainable style challenges are great for our creativity, mental health, bank balance and our wardrobes. In this styling series, I am looking at all the different ways to wear swimsuits for daywear and evening wear. In this post you’ll find

Sustainable Styling Resourcefulness

Revamp Your Style Sustainably

Revamp your style sustainably with these top 5 tips. From conscious to budget makeovers there’s guidance here suitable for everyone.

Stylist Picks – Soft Summer Colours

Discover my Stylists Picks for those with a Soft Summer colour palette. You can find a selection of handpicked items suitable for both soft Summer and soft Autumn.


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