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Roberta Style Lee The Sustainable Stylist BLOG _ Secondhand September

What is Secondhand September?

Secondhand September is an awareness campaign created by the Charity Oxfam to encourage people to shop secondhand for an entire month. Their campaign has seen great success at shopping locations like Selfridges London in 2020 and is supported by the Queen of Thrift Bay Garnett. Garnett who is well known for her thrifty styling skills …

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Roberta Style Lee The Sustainable Stylist BLOG SUSTAINABLE FRAGRANCE BRANDS

Sustainable Fragrance Brands

Sustainable fragrance, all-natural perfumes, and eco-friendly scents are becoming more trendy as people ask ‘what’s in my perfume?’ I also started to question ‘is my fragrance ethically made? Once I started to realise that what I ‘wear’ isn’t just limited to clothing, more questions about what’s in the things I wear and surround myself with …

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Roberta Style Lee - BLOG - Priestleys New Sustainable Luxury Handbag Brand Review | Black Leather Clutch


Priestley’s is a new luxury handbag brand that offers a design aesthetic similar to Louis Vuitton, with a more minimalist and sustainable approach. Priestleys put sustainability at the heart of what they do, from design, sourcing, materials, and opting to go down the ‘made to order’ route over mass production. Even their packaging is sustainable. …


Roberta Style Lee _ BLOG_ Lessons I learnt Building a Sustainable Wardrobe | How to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe | Clothing Rail

7 Lessons I learned Building a Sustainable Wardrobe

Building a sustainable wardrobe sounds easy, right?  Just shop from sustainable brands or from charity shops? Actually, it’s a little bit more complex than that. The truth is, it requires discipline. Like any diet or fitness routine, you’ve got to commit and get clear on your ‘WHY’ – otherwise, it’s too easy to give in to old habits. …

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Woman holding knit jumpers | Roberta Style Lee Creating an Ethical Wardrobe Series | 10 Tips for a Sustainable Closet

10 Tips for Building a Sustainable wardrobe

“Building a sustainable wardrobe is a journey not a final destination.” This is by far my favourite piece of advice that I give when I’m on stage, chatting to clients, colleagues and friends. When I refer to a sustainable wardrobe, I also mean an ethical wardrobe too. It’s not an overnight process, it’s a lifestyle …

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