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7 Lessons I learned Building a Sustainable Wardrobe

Building a sustainable wardrobe sounds easy right? Just shop from sustainable brands or from charity shops? Actually, it’s a little bit more thoughtful than that. The truth is it requires discipline, like any diet or fitness routine you’ve got to be committed and clear on your ‘WHY’ – otherwise it’s too easy to give in …

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10 Tips for Building a Sustainable wardrobe

“Building a sustainable wardrobe is a journey not a final destination.” This is by far my favourite piece of advice that I give when I’m on stage, chatting to clients, colleagues and friends. When I refer to a sustainable wardrobe, I also mean an ethical wardrobe too. It’s not an overnight process, it’s a lifestyle …

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Creating A Sustainable Wardrobe

I am often asked, how do I create a sustainable wardrobe. There are many approaches, but to summarise: A sustainable wardrobe is a collection of clothes that have been curated with quality, versatility and wearability in mind.  It should focus on delivering key looks, not trends, that represent your signature style and last beyond a …

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