Wardrobe Edit & Styling

Wardrobe Edit & Styling

A wardrobe edit will inspire a new found relationship with your clothes. Discover outfit combinations you didn’t know you had and styling options that help you make the most of your clothes.!

A Wardrobe Edit is a systematic process of evaluating, decluttering and restyling items from your wardrobe to create a more functional, cohesive, and personalised collection of clothing. It involves carefully curating your clothing items, lots of styling, outfit try-ons and creativity.

Overall a wardrobe edit will help you see the potential of your existing closet and make getting dressed a more joyous experience.

In a world of fast fashion and overwhelming choices, maintaining a well-curated wardrobe can be a challenge.   Many women find themselves surrounded by clothes yet struggle to put together outfits they truly love.  That’s where a regular seasonal Wardrobe Edit comes in—a transformative service that helps streamline your style, declutter your closet, and breathe new life into your wardrobe. And this doesn’t have to mean shopping,  more clothing rotations and styling options for the different seasons can really help you get #100wears from your clothes.

Duration: 2.5 – 4.5 hours (depending on the size of wardrobe).

From £350.00

*All personal styling services are tailored to suit your needs, prices will vary based on these requirements. 

What's Included:

  • A plan to edit your wardrobe that’s aligned with your style profile
  • Some clear goals of what we can start together and what you’ll continue to edit (if you have a lot of clothes!)
  • Practical styling tips and recommendations on how to maximise your wardrobe
  • Feedback on outfit combinations, alterations advice or upcycling.


  • A wardrobe you’re excited to open and clothes you’re excited to wear
  • A list of ‘gaps’ and styling basics we’ve identified in your wardrobe to help you maximise your options
  • At least 5-restyled looks from your existing pieces and lots of new ideas to increase your styling options
  • Recommendations of any ethical/sustainable brands options that might work for your wardrobe
I had my wardrobe edited by Roberta and I am so thrilled with the result. I now have a clear vision of what I own and how to wear all my wardrobe pieces in different combinations of multiple outfits. We weeded out all ill fitting items, all items that I did not feel confident in and all colours that were not right for my skin tone. I had done my colour analysis with Roberta last year and I recommend to have it done first before booking a wardrobe edit. I will not have the problem every again to have a full wardrobe and nothing to wear. Cannot wait to get dressed tomorrow morning.


Colour Analysis and Wardrobe Edit | Sussex

Wardrobe Edit & Styling FAQ's

Q. What’s the difference between a Wardrobe Edit and an Audit?  

If you have a lot of clothes and are overwhelmed by the sheer quantity, a wardrobe Audit might be the best place to start.  This catalogues and organises all of your items, enabling you to know exactly what you own and how much you’ve spent, with the Cost Per Wear calculated in the worksheets.


Q. Can I do a Wardrobe Edit online?

Yes, a Wardrobe Edit can be done via video call.  This is an effective way to focus on the re-styling mixing and matching of your existing items, getting valuable feedback on how things look and pair together.


Q. How often should I do a Wardrobe Edit?

Twice a year is recommended. But you can do it more regularly if you’re spending time travelling and in different climates.