What you wear speaks of who you are. 

Step into a style that empowers you to be at your best.

Roberta Style Lee | Styling Course | Know Your Signature Style with London's Sustainable Stylist
A carefully curated collection of clothes that reflect who you are on the inside, match your values and align with your aspirations – can change your life.

Use the power of personal style to dress for success, boost your confidence and tell your story.
An under-praised benefit of knowing your personal style is that you can help save the planet! Less clothing consumed and wasted means less stress on our planet.

Look Good, Feel Good – Do Good.


I was originally drawn to Roberta’s style course because I have been an at-home Mum for 15 years and am returning to the workforce. I knew my look needed to be updated from the jeans and boots I wear at home to something more professional. When I started the course, I had no idea what my body shape was, what style of clothes suited me, or even if I was warm or cool toned. Now that I’ve completed the course, I’ve completely overhauled my wardrobe.

My shopping habits have also changed. Before I’d just buy something because I needed it – it wouldn’t matter if it suited me or not, I’d just get it so I had something.  Now I make conscious decisions.  

If I’m not happy with how it looks on me and it doesn’t make me feel good, I don’t buy it. Thanks Roberta!

- Cindy

Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear?

Wardrobe overwhelm is a real problem that many people face – one that can cost you time, money and the planet!

In the UK, we reportedly wear 44% of the clothes hanging in our wardrobes.

And with over 430,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing sent to landfill every year, it’s clear that we buy more clothes than we’ll ever wear…
Do you want to walk into a room and be remembered for all the RIGHT reasons? Yes?

Then this course is for you.

I will help you figure out your ‘why’ and get clear on your values so that you can build a wardrobe which empowers you from the inside out.
Roberta Style Lee | Styling Course Instructor and London's Sustainable Stylist
  • Class 1: Know your values
  • Class 2: Style & Values Vision Board
  • Class 3: Colour Harmony
  • Class 3: Bodyshape
  • Class 4: Find Your Style
  • Class 6: Curate Your Wardrobe
Roberta Style Lee | Personal Style Course with Sustainable Fashion Expert Roberta Lee | Colour Swatches
  • Know your signature style
  • Shop with total confidence
  • Wear your values
  • Build a sustainable wardrobe
  • Know what colours and shapes work for you
  • Create multiple outfits out of fewer things
  • Save yourself time, money and stress?


I used to spend ages trying to wear the right outfit, Roberta’s course has helped me realise so many new aspects I need to take into consideration when I wear and buy clothes.

Since completing the course the money I have saved by not shopping for the wrong things (that I never wear) has paid for the course 10-times over.   It’s worth the investment and I recommend anyone who is looking for a confidence and style boost to work with Roberta.

I’ve learnt so much from this course and I will continue to use Roberta’s services (in London) after having such a positive experience working with her. 

- Karisma

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