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that empowers you and makes you excited to get dressed

Join the online course, a flexible and affordable option for busy women who want to self-learn in just 10-minutes a day.

Master all the styling basics, and create a style that’s aligned with your personal values. Enrol today – enjoy looking good, and feeling confident, whilst doing your bit for the planet.

look forward to getting dressed

Imagine a wardrobe that brings you joy, makes you feel confident and ready to make an impact

outfits that empower you

The reality is that without being taught the styling basics, you’ll continue to struggle to put outfits together and really make the most of your wardrobe, and it’s not a lack of effort on your part.
Styling Options & Capsule Closets with Roberta Lee

Nobody teaches us about personal style we’re left to figure it out ourselves…

  • You have no specific style and you wear whatever is comfortable
  • You focus on dressing to hide parts of your body you don’t like
  • You try keeping up with trends, but nothing feels like you, fits you or really works
  • You settle for clothes that don’t make you feel amazing
  • You shop for new clothes but still face the dilemma of feeling like you have nothing to wear
  • You have a wardrobe full of clothes but still don’t have lots of easy outfit combinations

I get it, I struggled too

As a former fashion junkie almost a decade ago, I regularly spent thousands of pounds on clothes and still felt like I had nothing to wear.

I tried keeping up with trends, and ended up settling for clothes that didn’t fit right or that didn’t truly make me look or feel amazing.  I never really had a specific style, I wore everything and was easily influenced by magazines and marketing emails.

Every effort I made to feel good about how I looked was temporary.  The shopping buzz and wearing something ‘new’ was short lived.  So I seeked new outfits again and again.

Nothing really worked until I sat down and got clear on my own life goals, understood my body shape, and discovered my own unique colour palette.  I stopped shopping and started to embrace creating my own style!

Once I identified my own style code, I was able get clarity on my style personality.  It helped me change my attitude and mindset.  I never realised how empowering it could be to integrate my sustainable lifestyle goals within my wardrobe. 8+ years later.. and I have never felt better about my style,  and I want that for you too. 

It's why I created the online course ​

The Create Your Own Personal Style course helps you find your unique style code, create a style that empowers you and makes you feel excited to get dressed, without needing to spend thousands of pounds on new clothes or working with a stylist. 

create a style you love

Gone are the days of saying “I have no style”. When you master the styling basics you’ll have the confidence that comes with knowing you look good.  You’ll create a style code that unlocks what you need to feel great. 

The Wardrobe Edit with Roberta Lee

dazzle in colour

Say bye to colours that make you look tired and washed out.  Transform your mood by simply unlocking the benefits of colour.  Find your WOW colours and calming colours for ultimate colour harmony. 

body confidence

Stop hiding behind your clothes and start accentuating what you’ve got.   You’ll wear outfits that you love, you’ll feel confident in your own skin.  

Personal Styling - Body Shape Analysis How to Dress for Your Body Type

endless outfit options

Never worry about not having anything to wear.  Eliminate getting ready stress and unlock the true potential of your wardrobe.  

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a sustainable wardrobe

In the UK, we reportedly only wear 44% of the clothes hanging in our wardrobes.

And with over 430,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing sent to landfill every year, it really highlights the importance of knowing your personal style.  This means knowing what clothes work for your body shape and what colours look good on you.

It not only saves you money, but it saves you from wardrobe overwhelm, and less clothing waste helps save the planet.

I will show you how to create a sustainable wardrobe that is full of clothes you’ll love wear and cherish for years to come.

The Create your own personal course helps you discover your own style code.

It’s unlike other styling courses, you get the option to book in for 1:1 support with me to give feedback or guidance at the end of each class.

The Create Your Own Personal Style course focuses on empowerment, sustainable styling principles and a values-driven approach to style transformations.

Roberta Style Lee - The Sustainable Stylist - Online Styling Course for Women

Course Overview

why work with me?

I don’t just teach people how to create their style and do it sustainably, I practice what I preach.

I’m sharing the EXACT formula I use with my 1:1 clients that pay me thousands of pounds. It’s also the same method I use for myself to refresh my style every few years.

I’ve not just worked as a sustainable stylist the last 8+ years, I have worked as a confidence coach as well.  I’ve also worked in marketing and communications for over 20-years before that.  So I know first-hand how important your style can be for your career.

I’ve been there, being a modern busy woman, it’s easy lose yourself, to be so busy with work that you aren’t a priority. That’s why the Create Your Own Personal Style Course can be done in just 10 minutes a day.

I know how important it is to open the wardrobe doors and feel empowered by your clothes.  I know, because I was once in your shoes…

This course is right for you if…
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guarantee - money back

satisfaction guarantee

I’m a business owner, and busy career focused woman just like you. So I understand the risk you feel when you invest in a digital product.  You work hard for your money and when you decide to invest in something,  you want results. 

I have worked extremely hard to create this course and provide all the guidance needed to create your own personal style. I know that if you implement everything I teach from each class you’ll be thrilled with the results. 

That’s why I offer all my styling students a 7-day money back guarantee. I can say with confidence that you will be satisfied with the quality of the content provided within the course.  If you’re not satisfied with the Create Your Own Personal style course contents,  I will refund your money within 7-days of purchase. 

lock in this great price

So, what’s standing in your way of creating a style you love, creating a style that empowers you? What’s stopping you from getting excited to get dressed? 

I know how hard it is to get started when you’re overwhelmed, that’s why I designed the course to so you can work through the classes in as little as 10-minutes a day.  Although if you can commit to even 1-hour a week you’ll make great progress. 

I’ve made it affordable, so you can benefit from a VIP style experience without the hefty price tag.

I’ve also included the option to upgrade and get additional 1:1 styling coaching with me over video, so you never have to doubt yourself or feel alone.


Online Course
£ 175
  • Pay in 3 instalments over 3-months
  • 8 Detailed Classes
  • Hours of Video Tutorials
  • Exercises & Assignments
  • Worksheets & Handouts
  • Bonus Class: Sustainable Wardrobe
  • £50 Credit for 1-1 Style Coaching (Video)


Online Course
£ 497
  • One Time Payment
  • 8 Detailed Classes
  • Hours of Video Tutorials
  • Exercises & Assignments
  • Worksheets & Handouts
  • Bonus Class: Sustainable Wardrobe
  • £100 Credit for 1-1 Style Coaching (Video)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Create Your Own Personal Style Course has been designed with overwhelm in mind. It’s been  made for busy women.  It’s structured into short classes, and exercises that can be be done to suit your learning style.

The Create Your Own Personal Style Course has been designed for busy women.  That includes busy professional women, working mums, those looking to make an impact but who need to do so on a budget. 

Even if you’ve always been good at shopping and dressing in clothes that get you compliments, you’ll still find that this course will help. The course will help you get clarity on your unique style code so only have items in your wardrobe that truly serve you, and make you look amazing. 

Colour analysis and dressing for your body shape are services I regularly offer to women who have great style. Knowing how to embrace your natural beauty helps refine your colour palette and most flattering clothing styles, so you end up with a harder working wardrobe and higher ROI on your purchases. 

You will receive an email immediately after you have made your payment.  Save the emails you receive as you’ll find a link to login to the course.  You will have a new account created (if you’re a new customer) and you’ll need to select the option reset your password.

Make sure you check your spam folder for the emails. 
If you do not receive them please contact me.

You can login on any device.  The course is built to be responsive on any device, so a mobile, a tablet or a laptop will all work fine. 

It is recommended to study the course on a device with a bigger screen, just so it’s easier for you to see all of the content on page, rather than lots of scrolling on the small screen of a mobile. 

As part of your enrollment package you do get a complimentary 1:1 session, so you never need to worry about  struggling.  You can get access to me via video call to help you. 

If you require further  support you can book for more 1:1 sessions at a highly discounted rate.

Course students are also able to sign up for the SOS styling support service. 


Get in touch with me, if it’s within the 7-days I can offer a full refund. 

Do consider if a 1:1 bespoke styling support package with me would be better.  We can discuss your options during a complimentary discovery call.