Roberta_Style_Lee_ Blog How To Build An Ethical Sustainable Wardrobe On A Budget

How to build an ethical & sustainable wardrobe (on a budget)

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Creating an ethical and sustainable wardrobe, buying from ethical fashion brands or sustainable fashion brands can seem like a costly transition. Having values and making changes to your life costs you not just time, but money. It’s a hard realisation when you look at the cost of being true to your beliefs. That’s why I created this blog to help get …

Why Is Ethics In Fashion Important?

Roberta Lee Ethical Brands, Style Tips, Sustainability & Ethics

I managed to get Julie and Lara the beautiful ladies over at AmaElla Lingerie to speak to me about the importance of ethics in fashion in a special interview in support of Fashion Revolution week. As the co-founders of an entirely ethical and sustainable, luxury organic cotton lingerie company, I felt that they were perfectly positioned to share their insight …

Roberta Style Lee BLOG What is a Sustainable wardrobe

What Is A Sustainable Wardrobe?

Roberta Lee Ethical Brands, Style Tips, Sustainability & Ethics

I started to talk about the ‘Sustainable Wardrobe’ back in 2016.   It’s interesting becuase back then, the concept of a sustainable wardrobe sounded alien to people, although the fundamental building blocks made perfect sense, once I pointed out that we’ve forgotten how to shop for the long-term. Nowadays the term a sustainable wardrobe is starting to be used more widely,  …

Happy International Women’s Day – Get Inspired By Amazing Women

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Wednesday 8th March 2017 marks International Women’s Day (IWD) and the internet is flooded with great stories of women from around the world who have achieved great things. And quite rightly so, because as a gender females are still not treated equally or recognised for their greatness.  What is International Women’s Day all about?  It is said that IWD was started to help raise the …

My HydraFacial Review at Radiance MediSpa – My Search For Clearer Skin

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In my twenties I had my first acne outbreak – then my smooth porcelain looking dolls face started to look more like lumpy pizza dough. To say I had confidence issues with my skin was an understatement. I’ve actually taken it for granted having good skin over the past 10-years, until recently when I got another outbreak. Here I am …