Last Minute Gift Ideas

Great Gift Ideas For Women

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When time is running out and you’ve not got a special gift – you need some awesome last minute great gift ideas for women, searching google for: gifts for her, gifts for women, the perfect gift etc – will throw up pages (and I means pages of results) who has time to sift through all that? Plus – let’s be …

The perfect gift of confidence & style

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How are you getting on buying those thoughtful but better than last year’s Valentine’s presents? Finding the perfect gift and trying to top your previous gifting efforts is never easy – but what if I told you that EXPERIENCES are the new gifting gold? Forget stuff and think about making memories and a difference to someone life. Research has shown …

Podcast interview with Lidija M Rosati

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In today’s episode we get to meet Lidija Marković Rosati, who has an abundance of energy, a life full of trials and tribulations and a remarkable story to tell. Her transformational journey is rather special – she lost 44kgs in the space of 8 months, created a new lifestyle and business for herself which she loves – and has mastered …


Black Friday – Shop Ethical Instead

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In support of the #ShopEthicalInstead campaign and #BLOCKFRIDAY we want to introduce you to 8 amazing ethical businesses (that are contributing towards a better tomorrow) in this blog.  The EBD hosted its 2nd event of the year on Wednesday 15th of November at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London and welcomed brands on the Ethical Brand Directory to showcase …

Discover your personal style, Roberta Style Lee Personal Styling course: Your signature style. Pink handbag, Blue Hat, Pink heels.

Discover Your Personal Style

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Knowing yourself, your values and aligning the way you dress, shop and live is as much about Your Signature Style as anything else. There are a lot of people telling you how to create a sustainable wardrobe, there are a lot of colour analysts out there who dress like colour-coded grannies, a lot of stylists who claim to be eco-stylists but …

Podcast interview with Music Artist EMM

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Meet EMM a singer, producer, musician, and prolific songwriter on today’s podcast – episode no 17. Whilst life may look glamorous to an outsider, Emm reveals the some truths and challenges she has faced – and continues to face every-day being a young female in the notoriously male dominated music industry. We talk about her journey and what inspires her …


Ethical Brand Directory Event Success

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On Wednesday 27th September the first ever Ethical Brand Directory live (in-person) networking event, with 5 industry expert speakers, took place in London at the business Design Centre – and by all accounts it was a success. It is a slightly bias opinion which has been heavily reaffirmed by many of the guests who travelled in, some from Hull (thanks …

Roberta Style Lee Blog | Benefits_of a Sustainable Style Makeover

Sustainable Styling Makeover Benefits

Roberta Lee RSL

In today’s video I’ll be giving you a brief overview of the benefits associated with sustainable styling verse traditional styling, and why a sustainable style makeover is worth the investment. If you’ve ever considered an personal style makeover, I would recommend you explore a sustainable styling makeover instead. Sustainable stylists like myself have an emphasis on being resourceful and kinder …

Roberta Style Lee Blog Zero Waste Tips For A Fashion Detox

The Benefits Of A Fashion-Detox

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I will be sharing my tips on how to start your very own fast-fashion detox and experience the benefits of slowing down and consuming less. I have personally found a fashion-detox to be very liberating and there’s one really cool thing that I do which helps me save money, keeps me motivated whilst ‘fasting’ and rewards the commitment and dedication …

Roberta Style Lee Blog Zero Waste 5 Sustainable Styling Tips For A Sustainable Wardrobe

My Zero Waste Week Top 5 Sustainable Styling Tips

Roberta Lee Fashion & Style, Sustainability & Ethics

It’s Zero Waste Week’s fourth day and the focus is on Top Tips. In my video I show my Top 5 Sustainable Styling Tips for getting started with a more sustainable wardrobe and making the most of what you already own When it comes to getting started with your personal style – it can be overwhelming. I talk through the …