Discover your personal style, Roberta Style Lee Personal Styling course: Your signature style. Pink handbag, Blue Hat, Pink heels.

Discover Your Personal Style

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Knowing yourself, your values and aligning the way you dress, shop and live is as much about Your Signature Style as anything else. There are a lot of people telling you how to create a sustainable wardrobe, there are a lot of colour analysts out there who dress like colour-coded grannies, a lot of stylists who claim to be eco-stylists but …

9 Totally Legit Reasons To Hire A Stylist

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Do you think of personal stylist and think of celeb culture or does the idea of an image consultant conjure up an 80’s style dowdy middle-aged woman with a questionable outfit on, wavering around swatches of colours telling you that you’re cool autumn and a lollipop? Stylists and Image consultants  Well, whatever you think about personal styling, you’re probably right …