Cool Summer: Colour Analysis Guide

Light, muted and gentle, Cool Summer has one of the prettiest colour palettes of the 4-seasons. Imagine an English country garden – everything is soft and blended with delicate washes of colour.

When Cool Summer (also known as True Summer) skin tones match this natural colouring to their wardrobe they look younger, healthier and more vibrant. But how do you know if you’re a Cool Summer?

In this post, I share my quick guide to Cool Summer skin tones: what they are, how to know if you’re a Cool Summer, their best colours and celebrities who share this season.

Woman standing on a rock by the sea | Colour Analysis | Are you a True Summer?

Defining Characteristics of a True Summer 

If you’re a Cool Summer, the first thing you’ll notice is your overall cool appearance. Your hair, eyes and skin have cool blue and pink undertones. You’ll also have quite muted features – meaning you have a low to medium level of contrast between them.


Summer types can vary in hair colour from light to medium ash blonde hair, mousey brown to cool brown hair, or even light red hair if they have very pale skin. Cool Summer hair always has an ashy, muted tone with a noticeable absence of warmth.


The eyes will be blue, hazel, grey or green. It is rare but some summer/winter hybrid types will have light to medium brown eyes. Darker ethnicities will also have muted brown eyes.


Cool Summer skin is soft thanks to the low-medium contrast of features. It can range from very fair to medium (with ethnic skin types this must be considered within your race if you are fair or medium). The cool undertone can show up under the skin as pinkness. 

In the images below, you can see how dark the hair is compared to the skin and eyes, but the contrast isn’t too strong. Overall, the image is low in value and the features seem to blend in with each other.

Brunette Woman | Low Contrast in Features | True Summer Skin Tone Example in Colour and Black and White
Cool Summer skin type with a low contrast in features

So, am i cool summer?

Colour analysis isn’t a simple process but looking at how your skin reacts to certain colours is a great indicator of your natural colouring. If you’re a Summer type, you’ll find burnt orange, warm browns and yellow-greens look awful on you. And there’s a reason for that. 

The warmth of these colours clash against the coolness of your skin – making you look dull and tired…and even ill. Yikes. Your muted appearance also makes it impossible to pull off black or other intense colours. However, a Cool Winter with their darker, higher contrasting features can effortlessly wear monochrome palettes and bold colours. 

These sister types are easily confused which is why it’s important to complete a thorough colour analysis. If you’d like to complete your own DIY colour analysis session and discover which colours make you shine, then my online personal styling course is a great option for you.

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Cool Summer Palette

Summer colours are all about softness. Think back to the English country garden – it’s full of pinks, blues, mauves and lavender purples. These cool, light colours perfectly complement a Cool Summer skin tone! Warm or intense colours are a big no-no here. If you’re struggling to tell the difference between warm and cool colours, then check out my cool colours blog for a step-by-step breakdown.

It’s worth noting that although your colours are light and cool, this doesn’t limit you to pastels. The lightness simply refers to the intensity of the colour. For example, deep raspberry, plum and dark blues all look great on summer types.

 Best Colours for Cool Summer Skin Tones

  • Soft white
  • Rose beige and cool browns (taupe, rose brown)
  • Pretty pinks (berry, fuschia, orchid)
  • Clear watermelon red
  • Pine green/ blue greens
  • Every shade of blue from the lightest powder blue to darkest navy blue
Cool Summer Colour Palette

This is just a small selection of your most flattering colours. If you’d like to learn more about your go-to colours…and which ones to avoid, then enrol on my course to access my bespoke summer colour wheel and handouts.

True Summer Celebrities

There are plenty of Cool Summer celebs out there who know how to wear their colours well – and you might be surprised by how different they look. First up, you have the classic English Rose, Kate Middleton who effortlessly switches between pastel and dark, sultry shades. Then you have ashy-blonde celebrities like Kate Moss who look amazing in cool greys and blues.

Do you think you are a Cool Summer? Let me know in the comments below – and share your go-to colours!

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