The Stories Behind Things – #LovedClothesLast

I am delighted to announce that I’ll be hosting ‘Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution 2020’ events on Saturday 25th April. I’ll be sharing virtual talks on sustainable style, interviewing members of the Ethical Brand Directory family and talking to ‘Sustainable Man’ AKA Dan Pontarlier and EBD’s business partner.

And if that wasn’t enough fashion-fun, Roberta Style Lee will also be hosting a virtual swap shop! Offering a sustainable way to upgrade your wardrobe from the comfort of your own home.

Each event is about showcasing ethical brands, sharing our beautiful #stylestories – we all have them! – and showing that #LovedClothesLast. 

With the Fashion Revolution moving indoors and online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attending Ethical Brands For Fashion Revolution is the perfect way to join the global movement. And with £1 from every ticket purchased going to the Fashion Revolution Fund, this is a fun way to get involved and give back.

Event Line-Up: Saturday 25th April 2020

10 AM – Introduction to the day by Roberta Lee

10:30 AM – An introduction to ‘Wearing Your Values’ with Roberta Lee, London’s Sustainable Fashion Stylist

11 AM – Loved Clothes Stories

Roberta Style Lee | Dan Pontartlier | Ethical Brand Directory Business Partner

12.00 PM – A Journey Into Men’s Style – Roberta Lee interviews Dan Pontarlier, AKA Sustainable-Man, professor, model, and business partner at Ethical Brand Directory

12.30 PM – A Journey Into Women’s Style – Dan Pontarlier interviews Roberta Lee, AKA London’s Sustainable Stylist and style expert and Founder of Ethical Brand Directory

1.15 PM – Loved Clothes Stories

Roberta Style Lee | Online Clothes Swap Shop | Fashion Revolution

1.30 PM – Women’s Clothes Swapping Party over on Roberta Style Lee’s Facebook group

  • Size Small Group – hosted by Roberta Lee
  • Size Medium Group – hosted by Tze Chingv
  • Size Large Group – hosted by Jo Salter

*Note all the clothing swaps will take place at the ‘same time’ with the exception of the women’s accessories, bags and shoes which will take place at 2.30 PM

2.30 PM – Women’s Bags, Shoes and Accessories Swapping Party on Roberta Style Lee’s Facebook group

2.30 PM Men’s Clothes, Shoes and Accessories Swapping Party on Roberta Style Lee’s Facebook group, hosted by Claire Couchman – menswear tailor and founder of Couchman Bespoke

*Note all the clothing swaps will take place at the ‘same time’ with the exception of the men’s clothes, accessories, bags and shoes swap which will take place at 2.30 PM

3.30 PM – Discovering the Stories Behind The Brands – Ethical Brand Directory, founder interviews:

  • An interview with Harjit Sohotey-Khan from Jewelled Buddha (artisan accessories and homeware brand)
  • An interview with Charlotte Bingham-Wallis from, From Belo (upcycled accessories brand)
  • An interview with Oisin Collishe from Oisin Clothing (organic t-shirt, menswear brand)
  • An interview with Giovanna Sessi-Knot from The Morphbag by GSK ( a set of versatile, stylish bags to take you from day-to-night)
  • An interview with Tatum Diamond from Tatum Diamond London ( a bespoke, handcrafted leather bag and accessories brand)

…and all this for Fashion Revolution Week! If you haven’t ordered tickets yet then you can do so via the ticket links here. You can buy various levels of access to the 7-day event (including the Swap Shop) or you can get tickets to enter the Swap Shop sessions ONLY.

I can’t wait to see you all there!

Roberta x

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