5 style tips for attending a wedding and looking great

I used to think I had to go out and spend £100-£300 on a new dress, shoes and handbag every time I was invited to a wedding. 

I have made some big wedding guest outfit errors in my time – clashing colours, being ‘too’ creative… What you think looked edgy and in-fashion 10 years ago looks a lot less cool when you look at the photos now. 

According to Oxfam.org

 “There are 3.6 billion clothes left unworn in the nation’s wardrobes – a whopping 57 items per person – with an average of 16 items only worn once and 11 still with the tags on”

I must confess to the majority of ‘worn once items’ that used to hide in my wardrobe were purchased for special events like weddings, balls and Halloween and Christmas parties.  

Only through my years of being creative especially when I was young and didn’t have the money (and a desire to look different) I learnt how dress without actually spending lots of money by pairing up basic pieces, avoiding cheap materials and bad cuts,  and realising the power of accessories. It’s actually pretty easy once you know how. It’s all about preparation and not purchasing on a whim. Research and invest. Head over to Pinterest and research the look – then focus on investment pieces that you can create an addition 3-5 different looks out of. 

So here they are…the tips I’d like to share for effortless style and confidence at a wedding

5 Wedding Guest Style Tips

  1. Research and investKeep it classy – choose sophisticated over fashionable or funky (in 10-years time you’ll thank me for this advice). 
  2. Wear colours that won’t go out of style (classic tones) and keep your palette down to 2/3 colours. For example, the last wedding I attended I went with a peachy pink dress – white and gold. I kept my nails a peachy pink too and I avoided my usual bright orange/red lipstick, opting for brown and gold eye makeup and a neutral lip gloss
  3. Wear something that ‘fits’ your figure – get your outfit tailored – don’t try to hide your shape, embrace it. The big dress and all that extra material is reserved for the bride and her bridesmaids. Not you. 
  4. Make sure you feel good, you have to feel comfortable – what matters is you feel like you look good, but you can still enjoy yourself in what you are wearing (don’t wear really high heels if you can’t walk in them – weddings last a long time and you’ll need to be able to wear your shoes right until the end, if you want to remain looking classy!).
  5. If in doubt about anything remember – keep it simple (KIS). When too many colours, textures and patterns get introduced things can get visually messy. And who doesn’t like a nice kiss at a wedding 😉 


Stay fabulous and if in doubt don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help!
Roberta x 

You can see more over on the website at www.robertastylelee.co.uk 


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