The True Cost Of Cheap Clothes

Do you know the value of your wardrobe? I mean, what’s it worth to you? How many people’s lives are your clothes worth?
I’m talking about the true cost of each item? I certainly don’t. When I talk about the true cost, I’m not talking about how much I paid, I’m talking about the hidden costs, that money you or I didn’t pay, or the shareholders or CEOS – it’s the cost we don’t see that’s hidden throughout the entire supply-chain. So who is paying for our fast fashion obsession? Well it comes down to 2 irrefutable victims: the garment workers and the planet.

On the 24th April 2013 the biggest tragedy in the textile industry we’ve ever seen took the lives of over 1138 and injured over 2,500 factory workers in the Rana Plaza factory when it collapsed. The fashion industry has a very dark side to it and one that has for so long lacked transparency and accountability across the supply chain.

Fashion is the 2nd biggest polluter to our planet, behind oil. Garment workers are some of the lowest paid people on the planet. Cheap clothes come at a cost – the workers involved, the shipping, the environmental impact of creating synthetic materials.

Every single item of clothing we buy has a story and contributes to the narrative. There’s a lot of overwhelming information out there about what’s going on and it’s too easy, and often the case that we (consumers) get so conflicted that we actually do nothing. But we must take action. The story so far is not looking great…

Unfortunately cheap clothes aka fast fashion and sustainable, unethical processes cannot co-exist with one another. Things are slowly changing and in time and with greater numbers the consumer voice, the conscious collective will be able to demand that the clothing we wear from our favourite brands are made fairly that people, animals and the planet do not suffer for our obsession with fashion trends. Fashion is wonderful and it can and should make us feel good, but not at the cost of other people and the planet.
Did you know the true cost of your cheap before reading this? I’d love to hear your thoughts on ethical and sustainable fashion and if you’ve just recently started to change the way you shop and consume clothes, what has stopping you from getting started sooner?
Let me know because I’m keen to help!
Roberta x
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