Great Gift Ideas For Women

When time is running out and you’ve not got a special gift – you need some awesome last minute great gift ideas for women, searching google for: gifts for her, gifts for women, the perfect gift etc – will throw up pages (and I means pages of results) who has time to sift through all that? Plus – let’s be real…Gift vouchers for material things always feel a bit ‘meh’ and seem a bit like an unthoughtful gift.

Trust me, as a woman I care about the ‘thought’ that goes into something more than the cost.  I’m all about memories and things that will last me a lifetime. So if you’re stuck for ideas for what to buy your loved one … A great gift idea is gift vouchers for an ‘EXPERIENCE’  as these are so much more meaningful (of course you can always say that you’ve been thinking about buying this for a while… because ‘some time” is relative).

Okay so here we go! BIG drum roll please…..dum, da da dum, da dahhhh

What about Gift Vouchers for a Roberta Style Lee experience? You can buy vouchers or jump straight in and buy the experience that you think your mum, daughter, sister, aunt, girlfriend, wife or best friend would love.  Simply head on over to the Shop and you can browse what’s on offer, gift vouchers can be used against all the services!

Roberta Style Lee - Coach and Stylist For Women - Last Minute Gift Ideas

My most recent bit of happy, life-changing feedback was from a lovely lady in Australia who is on the Your Signature Style Course:

“I just wanted to let you know how profound an impact your course has had on me. It’s not really about the clothes at all is it? They are just an outward projection of what is going on inside. Thank you! xo”

See what a positive impact a Roberta Style Lee experience can have…read more happy life-style stories…and you’ll see why this is the gift that keeps on giving 🙂
In my previous blog I spoke about the perfect gift of Confidence & Style and why the Signature Style Course would make a really thoughtful gift and how to present it for maximum positive impact. But if style isn’t something your beloved lady needs a bit of inspiration with – then why not allow her to pick out what she wants from the shop instead?

Whether it’s more clarity on her WHY and WHO she wants to be or a combination of focused inner and outside revamping and pampering – there’s something at Roberta Style Lee for every woman… Buying her a special gift may seem a difficult task – however gift vouchers make a great last minute gift option for experiences like this – it will keep you in the good books all year round.

Just remember its the thought that counts more than the number of £££s you spend.

Roberta x