Review of Jewelled Buddha | 7 Ways to Wear a Cape

I review the quality and ethics behind the Danube Cape by ethical womenswear brand Jewelled Buddha. I explore the many options to wear the multi-tasking cape and see how many ways it can be sustainably styled to suit my style and wardrobe. 

I think the thing that struck me the most about this cape is that it’s actually perfect for all seasons. It has no sleeves, just arm holes so it can be layered under warmer winter garments – but also worn independently throughout Spring and Summer too.

Introducing the Danube Cape by Ethical Womenswear Brand Jewelled Buddha

I’m always searching for those elusive sustainable wardrobe must-haves. For me keeping warm is always a consideration, even in summer when the sun goes down, I need something to keep the chill at bay.

As I get older and shift away from my thirties, my wardrobe has grown up a little, dare I say it, but elements of practicality and style have become key considerations.

Enter a new item for my wardrobe, the cape! It’s not a cape in the typical sense, but a scarf/blanket/jacket/shawl combo that offers a multitude of styling options to suit any number of occasions.

Jewelled Buddha

Jewelled Buddha partners exclusively with social enterprises, NGOs and sustainable designers and brands. They curate a sophisticated edit of handcrafted, sustainable lifestyle fashion for style conscious women seeking to elevate their style with ethically made clothing.

The brand statement is ‘Style Made To Empower’ – Jewelled Buddha places the artisan and the consumer at the heart of their business by empowering the artisan with a sustainable income and the customer with ethically made, traditionally crafted, wardrobe staples.

They work exclusively with innovative social businesses who have a strong sense of integrity and transparency in their practices, women’s empowerment programmes and environmental impact.

Blue Pashmina Style Cape

Handwoven Wool Danube Cape by Jewelled Buddha worn by Roberta Lee, London’s Sustainable Fashion Stylist.
The Danube Cape by Jewelled Buddha worn as a shawl by Roberta Lee with a wide brimmed floppy hat and the Tatum Diamond Whitley Clutch

I have to say I’ve always liked the cape concept, but hadn’t considered getting one for myself. I was kindly gifted this by Harjit the founder – and I promised to share my honest thoughts and opinions. 

The colours of this particular cape are definitely more in keeping with my style. The cape has some brown in it, which is one of my stay away colours, but actually I have to say it does all come together rather nicely. 

When I looked in my wardrobe, I thought to myself how am I going to make this cape work with my bright clothes and patterned prints. But then I overlooked my casual wardrobe – and boom suddenly I found all kinds of ways (5+ ways in fact!) to wear the Danube Cape.


The Danube Cape – The Versatile Wrap, Shawl, Scarf, Jacket and More!

Product Image no.,2
Handwoven Blue Danube Woolen Cape worn over the shoulders with a simple black top and skinny jeans

The Blue Danube Woolen by Jewelled Buddha cape has been designed in Amsterdam and handmade in small batches. It features 6 multi-tonal blocks of colour to make coordinating outfits effortless throughout the year.

The Blue Danube Woolen

Handwoven Wool Danube Cape by Jewelled Buddha worn by Roberta Lee, London’s Sustainable Fashion Stylist.
The Danube Cape worn draped around the shoulders with an all-black outfit and knee-high boots for an effortlessly chic look

Thanks to the clever positioning of its armholes, the Danube cape can be flipped to make it long or short and can be worn as a cape, poncho, wrap, shawl or jacket. This blue cape is a truly multi-functional wardrobe staple and a real contender for a #100wears piece.

The Casually Styled Handwoven Cape

Ethical Artisan Cape styled by Roberta Lee, London’s Sustainable Style Expert
The Danube Cape worn upside down and back to front with a preloved leather jacket and white trainers


Jewelled Buddha puts ethics at the heart of their business. They work closely with selective social enterprises, NGO’s and sustainable designers and brands who have a good reputation and transparency in their fair trade practices. They visit their suppliers at least once a year to build lasting relationships, learn about the production and meet the artisans.

Jewelled Buddha have a detailed ethical policy on their website which outlines their business values and procedures. Also, check out my founder’s interview with Harjit over on Ethical Brand Directory for more information.

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All Jewelled Buddha products are made entirely by hand using vintage, upcycled, hand-loomed, natural, organic or vegan materials. By only selling handcrafted products, their manufacturing process uses very little energy and has minimal impact on the environment.

Handwoven himalyan wool cape | Worn as an oversized scarf by Roberta Lee, Sustainable Style Expert
Handwoven blue woolen cape worn as an oversized scarf
Blue Wool Cape worn as a belted cape with Tatum Diamond leather Belt Bag  | Worn by Personal Stylist, Roberta Lee
The Danube Cape worn belted with the Tatum Diamond Whitley Belt Bag
Blue Danube Cape | Handcrafted Artisan Fashion | Styled with a denim jacket by Roberta Lee, London’s Sustainable Stylist
Blue Danube Cape worn wrapped and tucked into place with a belt over a denim jacket
RSL Rating out of 5
4 out of 5 stars

Overall, I have to give Harjit credit for finding artisanal fashion items that can be teamed with a modern aesthetic. I wasn’t entirely sure how this cape would work with my wardrobe, as I don’t have anything in the style of the Danube Cape. I also have to give credit to the presentation box (photo coming soon) it was very beautiful and made the experience of receiving it very special. 

The only reason I’m not giving this 5 out of 5 is because I am really funny about colours. I think the colours and muted approach doesn’t suit everyone, and whilst the cape IS beautiful, I was careful to dress it up.  I had to team with neutrals, pops of colour and very chic accessories to make it feel more like my style. In fact, my favourite look is the one with the leather jacket 🙂

If they were to make capes in bright bold clear colours in future, I think I would score a 5 out of 5.

I love to support  brands that are giving back to those who craft things from hand – and knowing this cape has supported the livelihood of women in India makes me feel all the more special wearing it. I think this is an item that will get more wear as the years go by. It’s so practical and stylish, in an unobvious way.

I was quick to overlook how many options this one piece could offer my wardrobe. I’m slowly finding more ways to wear it, and in the summer months I will use this as a cover up when the sun goes in. 

Also, I think this would make the most excellent gift for most women over 35, busy mothers, grandmothers and more. A really great, multi-functional piece. 


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