3 Things To Think About Before Buying New Clothes

Do you struggle to find an outfit despite having plenty of clothes?

It happens to the best of us – we get wardrobe overload and getting dressed soon becomes stressful. When we are stressed out and under unnecessary pressure we prevent ourselves from feeling our most fabulous and confident selves. Too much stuff makes getting ready a chore. A badly edited wardrobe also makes getting ready extremely un-fun. So what can we do? 


Sometimes all it takes is a fresh look at your existing collection. Very often all that is required is an edit. Clear out the clutter and focus on the great pieces that you already have. 
A lot can be done with the clothes we already own – we just need to be more resourceful with what we’ve got. We live in such a throw away, wear it once culture and this is no longer a process that is kind to us, other people or the planet.

Fast Fashion & Style 

I encourage women to think about the impact of fast fashion, the benefits of becoming less wasteful – and to start using more of what they already own. 

I went for 6-months without buying a single fashion or beauty item – I simply used what I already had. It was actually a lot easier and less stressful than I anticipated. The truth is most of us live within a life of excess. When we have too much stuff it’s hard to focus. Simplicity really is key and busy women can easily master a workable wardrobe that makes them feel super confident, but is sustainable also – when they have less stuff. 

Unconscious Purchasing

For many years I was extremely frivolous and I amassed a ridiculous collection, 80% of it I never even wore more than once. Some high ticket items costing £500+ never even made it out of the box (yes, you’ve probably guessed I’m talking about shoes). I have calculated a wasted amount of money in the double digit thousands. What was I thinking? Wait… I wasn’t! 

30 Wears

Since I started to edit my collection and stop buying for the sake of it my personal style reflects my lifestyle and personality. Getting dressed is a doddle. I’m over the #30wears now for the majority of my new edited collection. 

Investing in new things is now a lot more straight forward too. I will only buy what I need. 

Getting Into A Sustainable Mindset 

My sustainable approach to personal styling really evolved around when I challenged myself to be more resourceful. I decided to ignore the Instagram and fashion pack who post new outfits daily and start to embrace being known for being ‘seen in the same outfit’ – because it’s way more sustainable and demonstrates I have a conscience. 

Before investing in anything new, I challenge you think about the lifetime value it will provide. 

Here are 3 simple questions to consider:

  1. Will you be able to create up to 5 new outfits with your new investment?
  2. How long will it last? How many times will you be able to wash and wear it before it needs replacing?  Will the zips, seams and buttons last? Is it durable enough to last you a couple of years? 
  3. Does the cost balance out when you think of cost per wear and the lifetime potential of the item? 

Learning how to be more resourceful and sustainable when it comes to building a wardrobe or capsule collection can save you £1000s of pounds and save you days of wardrobe rage each year.  Every women deserves to look good and feel good – I believe this can be done in an ethical and sustainable way.  Here at RSL we are proud to support ethical and sustainable brands.

Stay fab and fashionable – with less.

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