3 of the Best Clothes Swapping Apps & Websites in the UK

It’s taken nearly a decade for it to catch on, but clothes swapping has finally found its stride. In 2019 it was near impossible for a week to pass and not find clothes swapping meet-up happening in London. But if like me, the idea of rummaging through a chaotic room bustling with clothes and those with eager elbows doesn’t feel up your street – don’t worry… you can participate from the comfort of your own bed, sit back grab a cup of tea and do it all via your mobile phone.

Here are some of the best clothes swapping apps available in the UK:

1. Vinted

Vinted is the first app I ever used to swap my clothes. I created an account when the app first launched, nearly 5-years ago (I think) which I am sad to say I have since been neglected. Back then I found it super easy to use and the community-friendly, it’s developed a lot since its beta launch so I am sure it will be even better now. I did feel a little ‘old’ if I am honest, the demographic seemed to be a lot of teens. I used to find my stuff would sell reasonably, but I rarely found much I wanted to swap as the quality of items on the platform wasn’t really to my taste. I think the platform has matured and you will find 30+ women on there sharing their wardrobes now.

This year I intend to bring my account back to life and sell/swap the 2 suitcases of clothes and shoes I have stored in my tiny London flat. So if you’re on vinted and like my style – give me a follow and keep your eyes peeled as I will be listing pieces very soon!

Check out the website and download the app: https://www.vinted.co.uk/
Demographic: mainly young women in their teens and twenties

2. Swopped

I haven’t personally used this app, but I have heard good things about it. It’s pretty simple, you sign up, you list your items, they give you an evaluation, you send in, once received they give you credits which you can redeem in their store (full of preloved pieces that other people have sent in).

I’m not too crazy about the promotion of the high-street brands on their posts though, I think they can showcase the clothes without name dropping brands from the hig-street.

Check out the website: https://swopped.co.uk/
Demographic: mainly young women twenties

3. Swancy App

Again, another app I haven’t yet had the chance to use – but I have met the founder Kristin and heard all about the success of the app in Europe. Again, the process is pretty simple: you download the app, register your account, upload items you would like to swap, like items to match with other swappers, then chat to decide how to swap them.

I raised a few concerns with young swappers going out to meet strangers to swap clothes. I think this process could be made safer by having dedicated safe meet-up spots like a chain coffee shop, like a Costa or Starbucks where young people can meet safely and not put themselves or their home address at risk.

Check out the website: https://swancyapp.com/
Demographic: mainly young women in their teens and twenties

Let me know if you’ve used the apps and what you think – or if I have missed any.

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