Sustainable Style Challenge – How To Style 3 Items into Multiple Outfits

What is sustainable styling? It’s about buying less, buying better quality longer lasting investment pieces and being more creative with what you’ve already got. When you buy something new challenge yourself to see how many different ways you can style it. If you can create 3-5 solid looks – then it’s a no brainer. I was given three different items by DFYNorm ethical fashion brand to review and apply my personal style. My challenge as always was to get 5 looks out of each item without buying anything new. 
So how did I do? 
Well bearing in mind I did not buy anything extra to complete these looks, I only used items I had from the back of the wardrobe. I really challenged myself to utilise what I already had and to be as creative as possible. It was not as easy as I hoped. But I was able to get a good few solid outfits created. The ‘old’ me would have easily been able to create more looks by simply going out and shopping for new items. But I wanted to avoid going back to those unsustainable shopping behaviours… so this is what I came up with:
You can see that I was able to create multiple looks and my favourites are shown below. 








I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the styles I was able to create.  Some of the key pieces I used from my own wardrobe were:
  • Suede ankle boots 
  • Over the knee suede boots 
  • Suede pumps 
  • Red leather pumps
  • Flat pointed leather shoes 
  • Sparkly evening shoes 
  • Leather Jacket 
  • Black blazer 
  • Accessories: burgundy wool hat, cotton scarf, flower garland headpiece, 3 different necklaces, and a costume jewellery ring
  • 2 different black leather bags – a multi-use clutch/over body bag, 1 tote. 
The shorts and the jumpsuit were the most versatile pieces – and I just showed a few outfits, but many more options were possible. For example, the shorts could be teamed with tights and a jumper to see you through the winter. The jumpsuit is linen so this is best suited for just the spring and summer months – and the black waistcoat dress would look great with some bright coloured pumps a bright lip, a quiff and some pinup curls. 
If you have any comments or questions on how I styled these items – please just leave me a comment below. 
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If you are interested in the full video DFYnorm review you can check that out over on YouTube.
Stay fabulous ladies!
(Confidence Coach & Stylist)
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