Body Shape Analysis


Would you like to know how to dress your body shape to maximise your unique shape, enhance your assets and minimise attention towards any areas you don’t want to draw attention towards?

It’s hard to be subjective about your own body. Do you know what full body measurements are? Has your shape changed with age? After weight gain or loss?

Sometimes what we see in the mirror is clouded by our own perceptions of ourselves. Studies show that when women are asked to select body shapes that represent their shape and size, they tend to opt for shapes and sizes that are much larger than they are – suggesting we are all susceptible to a little body dysmorphia.

If you look at your reflection in the mirror and have no idea what body shape you or how to best dress for your wonderfully unique shape… then this session is for you.

Cost: Prices start from £250

    What you’ll learn:
    • How many different body shape categories there are
    • How to dress for your body shape(s) and we usually have more than one!
    • A mini – wardrobe edit to pull out clothes that are best suited to your shape
    • How to style your existing clothes so they better emphasise your assets
    • Recommendations for alterations and modifications to your clothes
    • What type of clothes to shop for (and to avoid) for future shopping trips
    • Have an understanding of your body type
    • Know how to dress for your body shape and to create balance for the proportions of your body
    • A detailed report delivered within 7-days with examples of what types of garments are best to wear for your body shape.
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