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Body Shape Analysis

Discover how to dress your body shape to maximise your unique shape, enhance your assets and redirect attention from any areas you are self-conscious of.

Body Shape Analysis

During the session we’ll take full body measurements, knowing this is really helpful as our body shape can change with age, weight gain or loss. We’ll try on clothes to see how they fit, drape or cling.

After this session you’ll have a greater understanding of the body shape and how to best dress for your wonderfully unique shape…

Understanding our own body shape can be tricky as it’s hard to be subjective about our own body. Studies show that when women are asked to select body shapes that represent their shape and size, they tend to opt for shapes and sizes that are much larger than they are – suggesting we are all susceptible to a little body dysmorphia.

Diverse body sizes women | How to find your body shape

3 - 5 hours

Time allocation for delivery of service (not including prep).

Roberta helped me see that my weight isn’t an issue and that with thought I can make my clothes work better for me
Virtual Personal Styling Client | Scotland

what to expect:

  • Discover how many different body shape categories there are and what characteristics you may have from each of them
  • How to dress for your body shape(s) and we usually have more than one
  • An overview and demonstration of body proportions and how to get the right balance with cuts, hem length and colours
  • A mini-wardrobe edit and demonstration with your existing clothes that are best suited to your body shape
  • Tips on how to style your existing clothes so they better emphasise your assets
  • Recommendations for alterations and modifications to your clothes
  • What type of clothes to shop for (and to avoid) for future shopping trips
  • Tips for dressing for maximum confidence in your particular body shape
  • A worksheet for your body shape recommended garments to wear and tips on styles to avoid.


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