For my story to begin I had to own my past, present and future

I had to work really hard to build my confidence – it didn’t come naturally to me. I was a shy kid and I never felt like I fit in. I bounced around in foster-care until I was 15 without any real security or consistency. That meant for a really long time I was socially and emotionally insecure.

I worked hard to find acceptance, in everything I did. But that manifested in an unhealthy way – I over did it, I put everything I had into others and neglected myself.

I’ve had to deal with being totally alone, overwhelmed, being over-worked and under-appreciated, fighting depression, anxiety, manic stress, being unhealthy, in bad relationships, in the wrong jobs, around the wrong people…

I’ve been there, so I totally get how hard it can be to feel confident in yourself, your mind, body and appearance.

So that’s why I set up Roberta Style Lee – I wanted to create a safe place for women to re-discover who they are and embrace all that they are. To wake up everyday look good and feel good about themselves and their lives.

My vision & values

To empower women to be the best version of themselves from the inside out – and do it in a responsible way. I believe it is possible to live life fully and do business ethically and sustainably, without causing harm to other people, animals or the planet.

I want know I have been able to help more women find their why and live more confidently – it’s my goal to support 1-million women by the 2025.

I will never compromise on my values or knowingly support unethical practices that cause harm to other people, animals or the planet.

I had to lose it all in order to get it all

It wasn’t until I had a total confidence crash in my early thirties that I realised I had to do something dramatic to change my life. I had to rewrite my own story.

Fashion has always been a bit like therapy for me, so that’s how personal styling became a thing. I was always giving away my clothes and helping others feel good about themselves, boosting their confidence and helping them with their appearance. It made perfect sense to me to combine my resilience and ability to bounce back from anything and my eye for fashion into a business and help others.

It wasn’t easy… part of me struggled to let go of my past and old career – but I was able to do it. It’s been one heck of a journey and I’ve learned plenty along the way. I’m willing to share my story and experiences, so you can save time and money – and benefit by bypassing some of the struggles I went through.

If you want to discover the powerful women within and dress like the go-getter women you want to be – get in touch, I’d love to help.

Roberta x

What do I do differently?

I’m a confidence coach and sustainable personal stylist for women, so my job is to help women rediscover their WHY, figure out their purpose and create a life that makes them truly happy and confident. Sometimes my work combines both elements (confidence and creating a signature style) or sometimes I work on style and confidence as separate areas of coaching.

One thing that is consistent is the type of people I work with. I will only work with women who share similar values and respect the work I do. That’s right respect goes both ways.

If I am going to coach you you have to be 100% committed and do the work, because results don’t arise from putting in half the effort.

If I work with you to help you find your signature style, you’ll typically be interested in, or open to exploring sustainable fashion and ethical brands – because that’s my area of focus as a stylist.

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The Roberta Style Lee Story

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