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Roberta is not only a very talented stylist with deep knowledge of sustainable fashion,  she has also conducted her own research in the sector.  

She is amazing at organizing the workflow on set, controlling the timing, weather, poses, clothes, ensuring that hair fall perfectly and the hands don’t look awkward.

I highly recommend her for style creation, personal shopping, and a photoshoot package.

I’m immensely happy to have had this experience.

Olesia   (Business Owner)

Personal Styling Client | London / Online  

Roberta has been phenomenal. Before meeting her I felt clueless about my style, how that reflected on me in my work and social occasions and it all just felt too big and overwhelming to think about – especially when I care about sustainability.

Roberta has been a godsend and ticked all those boxes so that I’m now confident and knowledgeable about my style, can do it in a sustainable way and against all odds, I now actually feel excited about my purchases and choosing what to wear in the morning!

Olivia (Sustainability Entrepreneur)  

Personal Styling Client | Online 

Roberta really helped me understand what would suit me and how to stop the cycle of buying the wrong items that never get worn. It was also great to know the colours that light me up.  I have more confidence now in pulling together outfits from my current wardrobe without going out and buying new clothes.

Bev (Entrepreneur/Business Owner)

Personal Styling Client | London

Was a pleasure to meet Roberta. Great experience and learnt alot about colours that suit me best! Some of these I had never tried before the colour analysis
with Roberta. It’s also made improved my shopping experience and made it more efficient. These also extends to jewellery and makeup which is great

Preeya (City Professional)  

Colour Analysis Client | London

It was so lovely meeting Roberta who helped me shop for my clothes while I was transitioning between sizes. She showed me how shirts came be worn in different ways to flatter my figure, suggested accessories to compliment outfits and move attention away from problems areas and how to spot the right garment for myself. I’m really enjoying shopping, dressing up & utilising things from my wardrobe. Thank you Roberta for all your help. It’s been so helpful:)

Sheya (Business Owner)

Personal Styling Client | London

I am very fortunate to have found Roberta. I had a private counselling session with her regarding body shapes and how to dress appropriately. We also discussed sustainability in fashion. She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and professional. She is articulate and is able to convey her ideas and experiences in a concise and understandable manner.  I am looking forward to having another session with Roberta.


Personal Styling Client | Online (Canada)

If you don’t feel easy getting dressed in the morning, have difficulty when choosing or matching colors, if you are uneasy about your shape have Roberto help you make this journey easier and more fun. I highly recommend her and am very happy to have found such a lovely person to give me a new insight. Thank you Roberta.

Bita (City Professional)

Personal Styling Client | London

I also want to say that the course has helped me even more now as a new mum, coz obviously my body has changed yet again – but I feel more confident in making clothing choices.

Natalya (DJ & Entrepreneur)

Online Course Student

Roberta is a gem! I would recommend her services to anyone looking to create a minimalistic and sustainable wardrobe to support conscious living. I sought her expertise in the lead up to a brand photoshoot and she expertly guided me in identifying my “wow” colours. These not only looked great on camera, but also reflected my values, personality and individual style.  She appreciates the impact colour has on well-being and communication – two topics close to my heart. She is very professional and thoughtful. Thank you for your help!

Sonali (Business Coach) 

Colour Analysis Client | London

I’d highly recommend Roberta. I wish I had done this colour consultation experience in my twenties or earlier on, as it would have enabled me to try on so many different colours. As a lawyer, I always wore black suits and a white blouse at work. With time, it just got boring. I tried wearing colours before, but nothing seemed to suit me quite right with my skin tones. I later discovered from my colour swatch experience with Roberta that the colours like pastel and etc weren’t really my colours. Thanks to Roberta’s expertise and professionalism. Not only did she help me find the seasons of my colours, but she also reviewed each of the particular colours that suited me. Roberta is very patient, thorough, and detailed and, most importantly, the experience was just fun.

Priscilla (Lawyer)

Colour Analysis Client |  London  

I just had my wardrobe edited by Roberta and I am so thrilled with the result. I now have a clear vision of what I own and how to wear all my wardrobe pieces in different combinations of multiple outfits. We weeded out all ill fitting items, all items that I did not feel confident in and all colours that were not right for my skin tone. I had done my colour analysis with Roberta last year and I recommend to have it done first before booking a wardrobe edit. I will not have the problem every again to have a full wardrobe and nothing to wear. Cannot wait to get dressed tomorrow morning.

Giovanna (Handbag Designer)

Personal Styling Client | Surrey

“I was given insight into the style trajectory that would be most appropriate for me, enabling me to feel less overwhelmed with where to start. A very lovely conversation!”

Nisha (School Teacher) 

Personal Styling Client | Online

Roberta helped me to see fashion as a way to speak to people about who I am. I realised I had more freedom than I thought for my body shape and I am grateful for her knowledgeable insight and her patience!

Nisha (School Teacher)

Personal Styling Client | Online

After decades of thinking that I am great at picking colours that suit me, I had the opportunity to have Roberta perform a colour analysis on me and OMG what a surprise I was presented with! “My favourite colours turned out not doing me any favours when it came to my complexion and an unavoidably ageing skin. Roberta showed me which colours would reflect on my complexion to smooth lines and uneven skin tone without piling up layers of foundation and concealer. I was left amazed and educated after my session. The added benefit, my planned closet clean out became all of a sudden a very achievable task!”

Giovanna (Handbag Designer)

Colour Analysis Client | London

Roberta was brilliant! Excellent communication from start to finish. Moved her diary around to accommodate our (probably unreasonable) demands. Came to our desired location and gave brilliant advice on what my father in law should wear moving forward. Comprehensive report post consultation and colour wheel provided so that he can take the expert advice and use it day to day. Will definitely use again for a refresher or body shape analysis 🙂 Thank you.


Colour Analysis Client | London

I found Roberta extremely helpful, and I am beginning to understand how skin, hair, and body shape influence clothing colour and style choices in shirts, suits, ties etc.  I enjoyed the personal and friendly nature of the relationship; she quickly understood my tastes and selected colours and styles which I felt were ideal and introduced me to new ideas, colours and styles which I have subsequently tried out. The result of this has gotten me more attention from the opposite sex than I was expecting, it has helped me with my confidence in work and in play. I would recommend anyone to take their style to the next level with Roberta’s expertise, you can stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Jason (UK Army)

Personal Styling Client | London

Roberta really helped get my look together in record time. She had some great pointers and I look forward to working with her again.

Minerva (Industry Professional)

Event Styling, TV appearance & Gala | London

I went to the Roberta Style Lee workshop and I enjoyed the event very much . It was great for networking and Roberta also helped us to explore more about our style while focusing on sustainability fashion. Great experience! Highly recommended! <3

Matild Janosi (Fashion Designer)

Styling Event Attendee | London 

I went to two of her workshops and they are inspiring, she is very knowledgeable in what she pick and put together as a topic in each workshop. Well thought…. Amazing….

Utami Giles (Entrepreneur)

Styling Event Attendee | London 

I loved working with Roberta! She was helpful and knowledgeable, and totally helped me see my current wardrobe I a new way, identified the very few missing pieces, and help me get clear on what does and does not work for me!!

Tahira (Professional MUA) 

Personal Styling Client | London 

Roberta and I met when I needed a boost as I was starting my new business. She guides and styles me better. Taking all of my day to day needs into account. She builds me in to what I need to be tackle my day/week ahead, always talking to me like my friend. I have enjoyed learning about my style and colours, applying this skill to my day to day life.

Karisma (Business Owner)

Personal Styling Client |  London

Working with Roberta has been a really positive experience, we’ve covered personal branding, explored sustainable styling for my brand and come up with so many good ideas. Roberta will be styling my upcoming shoot and bringing her sustainable styling experience to my sustainable fashion brand – I can’t wait to work with her on this.

Laura (Fashion Designer) 

Commercial Personal Styling Client | London

I was originally drawn to Roberta’s style course because I have been an at-home Mum for 15 years and am returning to the workforce. I knew my look needed to be updated from the jeans and boots I wear at home to something more professional. When I started the course, I had no idea what my body shape was, what style of clothes suited me, or even if I was warm or cool-toned. Now that I’ve completed the course, I’ve completely overhauled my wardrobe. I had the courage to get rid of clothes that I had been hanging on to despite knowing they weren’t doing any favours, and now have the confidence to go shopping because I know what to look for. My shopping habits have also changed. Before I’d just buy something because I needed a shirt – it wouldn’t matter if it suited me or not, I’d just get it so I had something. Half the time I wouldn’t even try it on first. Now I make conscious decisions. If I’m not happy with how it looks on me and it doesn’t make me feel good, I don’t buy it. Thanks, Roberta!

Cindy Lee Kennedy (Entrepreneur)

Online Styling Course |  Australia 

I had a personal styling session with Roberta which went through colour analysis, a wardrobe edit and personal branding. As a business owner who works from home, I’d got into some bad habits of dressing down everyday and only dressing up when I had a meeting or event to go to. So it was really important for me to know how to dress the part and be the face of my brand even if I was at home. Roberta showed me how I could do that by going through which colours complimented me, how to style my outfits using just one item of clothing that could be styled in five ways and getting rid of clothes I’d been hanging onto for years. The session revealed so much more than I had expected. Roberta is hugely inspiring. Not only does she know about style but her skills as a confidence coach really helped me overcome a few wardrobe attachment issues and hone in on what image I wanted to portray to the world. Roberta really understands the dilemma a lot of women face when it comes to issues around body image and styling. She’s open, honest and not afraid to talk about her own experiences. An empowering woman and a wonderful experience!

Harjit (Business Owner)

Personal Styling Client | Essex

Thoroughly enjoyed my colour analysis session with Roberta! If I am being honest, I had no idea what to expect (and was borderline skeptical!) before I had it done but wow, I was most certainly impressed. Roberta was professional, friendly and really took the time to explain why certain colours did compliment me and which didn’t, and it all made so much sense! I am looking forward to putting my found knowledge to use. Thanks Roberta. I would thoroughly recommend your colour analysis session to everyone.

Monica  (TV Chef)

Colour Analysis Client | London 

The same qualities that make Roberta a fantastic stylist also make her a brilliant coach. 1. She has exceptional attention to detail, this means that not only can she can spot an outfit at 100 yards but she ensures that you’re getting the best from a session. 2. She takes the time to get to know you and then helps you to push your own boundaries. Roberta took the time to understand when I was genuinely pooped and when I needed some tough love. I am also a pretty classic dresser, with some hang ups, but she encouraged me to try some clothes on that I would never have picked up myself and 9/10 I was pleasantly surprised. 3. Finally Roberta is honest, she’s honest when something doesn’t suit you and when she lets you know when you need to work harder to achieve your goals.

Elizabeth (Marketing Professional)

Styling Client | London

I started the edit stage at the weekend and 1 bag was deposited again the charity shop and I have decided what to wear on Saturday night that doesn’t require a new purchase, leaving more money for cocktails. I have identified two gaps…long jumper/tunic to go with leggings for laid back look and school runs, and a go-with-everything jacket for smart casual days or evenings, mostly to be paired with jeans… Work in progress which I am enjoying very much, so thank you for the inspiration.


Personal Styling Client | Bournemouth

I had my style consultancy and wardrobe edit with Roberta and what an eye opener. We’d never met before but she instantly understood my needs. I didn’t realise the depth we’d go into online with me digging out the entire contents of my wardrobe and seeing not only how it looked but how I FELT in things. As a business woman who works from home and has a 11 Month old son…plus a hubby who never dresses up combined with living in the highlands… you get the idea. It’s been easy to slip into slobby unfeminine clothes. I enjoyed having an overhaul and having to be honest with myself felt easier with Roberta holding my hand through the process. Also on a practical level I have more space in my drawers and a batch of clothes I can sell. It’s outside of my comfort zone doing this but everything Roberta has said so far makes perfect sense. Her colour advice is bang on and the style she’s suggested makes sense to me. We have a pile of yes and a pile of let’s modify and work on it. She’s amazing and empowering. Work with her!!! One epiphany I had is that we worked out my clothes make me think “god I hope nobody comes round and sees me” which isn’t ideal energy for me to have when I’m trying to attract new clients whether anyone sees me or not!

Neen (Small Business Owner)

Online Personal Styling Client | Scotland

Thank you very much for all the very professional attention you gave me in our various sessions. It was a pleasure to meet you and I found the experience a worthwhile exercise for me, to review my thinking about clothes, by rule of 5 and colour matching, and especially to ‘get on with it’ in clearing up that big wardrobe! I feel doubly lucky: to have won those sessions through a charity raffle, and to have received a high quality service from you.


Online Personal Styling Client | Edinburgh

If you’re looking for enlightenment, forget yoga! Get your colours done with Roberta!

Daniela (Fashion Designer)

Personal Styling Client | Italy

I spend ages trying to wear the right outfit, Roberta is helping me realise so many new aspects I need to take into consideration when I wear and buy clothes. Can’t wait to complete course.

Karisma (Business Owner)

Personal Styling Client | London

The wardrobe edit was a real eye-opener that not only streamlined my wardrobe into versatile outfits but challenged me to let go of clothes I’d been emotionally hanging on to for years.

Harjit (Small Business Owner)

Personal Styling Client | Essex

Roberta helped me see that my weight isn’t an issue and that with thought I can make my clothes work better for me.

Neen (Small Business Owner)

Online Personal Styling Client | Scotland

I have really appreciated Roberta’s support she has always motivated me when I have gone to her to get advice. I have always envied her amazing style in fashion and I have always appreciated any advice when it comes to shopping for new clothes. Roberta is always so busy but somehow she keeps herself looking absolutely great – I plan to work with her again over the next 6-months ready for my summer holiday next June.

Sam (Public Service Professional)

Styling Client | Somerset

Roberta is a force of creativity and confidence in abundance. I was very nervous about attending a personal styling session but decided to treat myself for my birthday. I left with new ideas and a great understanding of what clothes and accessories best suit my body shape and how to co-ordinate them.Over the coming weeks I noticed by self esteem increased which has inspired me to seek out more sustainable designers and a new way of shopping and seeing life. I really look forward to working with Roberta again in the near future.

Yvonne (Coach)

Personal Styling Client, London

We had a group session with Roberta for personal colour consultation each of us were a different season, and we could actually see the difference on all 3 of us. Never realised why I did not look great when I felt great!!! It was all to do with what colour I was wearing. Thank you Roberta for showing me how it all works. X

Shar (Retired) 

Group Colour Analysis | London

My experience with Roberta was great. I was a bit lost in my life before I met her, not knowing what I wanted to do as a living and where… She helped me to figure out what kind of work would make me happy and how to get it. During the different sessions, whenever I was feeling low, she remained cheerful, patient, and focused. At the end we had pretty good results, I’ve made decisions, I have more energy because of the advice she had given me. One month later, whenever I have doubts about myself, I keep thinking of what she would say to me, and act according to that.

Agathe (City Professional)

Confidence Coaching Client Online

I’ve used Roberta’s fashion SOS service now for two very different events – a wedding in Venice and a London awards ceremony. She helped me repurpose an old dress with a couple of key new accessories, supporting me while I was in the shopping centre via WhatsApp. More recently, she did a live make-up and hair tutorial, after correctly assessing what would complement my chosen look for the evening. I am so impressed, I would never have done those things without her help.

Leanne (Marketing Professional)

Personal Styling Client | London

After the session with Roberta I had a very clear sense of what my capsule collection needed to be. I quickly went through my clothes and identified the few purchases I needed to make. Within 2 days I had sorted my wardrobe for the season. I absolutely love Roberta’s coaching style. She’s friendly, clever, and truly perceptive. She interprets my needs quickly and effectively helping me save a lot of time!

Mariana (Business Owner)

Personal Styling Client, Online / London

When Roberta mentioned getting started with my makeover with a color analysis – I didn’t even know what it was. Now I am quite obsessed with it!  Finding out what colors compliment my natural beauty (especially when going make up free!) is such a confidence boost! But besides the vanity reasons, color analysis is really a life changing experience, and when done with Roberta, it is truly empowering.  Here’s why. .. First, it’s fun. 

Roberta is professional yet personable and puts you at ease. I was stunned when some of my least favorite colors draped around my neck actually illuminated my skin and made me look fresh and healthy – no make-up required and no looking old or tired!  Secondly, color analysis made me quickly get rid of old clothes that were just sitting in my closet without a reason. Finding out those colours didn’t even compliment my features gave me just the excuse I needed to make some space. Third, this small investment into. 

Roberta’s confidence and personal styling services is already proving to be a money saver. I normally buy pieces I like without thinking if they would match with my existing wardrobe or whether they are right for me. I never end up wearing them because I don’t have enough matching items in my wardrobe to create lots of outfits. Now I know exactly what to do next time I’ll go shopping! Saving myself time and money!

Daniela (Fashion Designer)  

Personal Styling & Personal Shopping Client | Italy

I had a personal styling session with Roberta as I had an important event to attend. I hate shopping and I literally panic whenever there is an event coming up. She is incredibly knowledgeable about fashion & style and honestly felt her service went above and beyond – she listened to my fears and was able to turn it around. I left the session smiling, feeling confident. I got lots of compliments in all my outfits. Thank you so much, Roberta. I would recommend her over & over again. It was such an amazing experience.

Oyinda (Business Owner)

Personal Styling & Personal Shopping Client, London