I love a good sustainable fashion book, and today I am sharing 3 very different books that have inspired me and challenged me to think differently about fashion, the industry and my role within it. I feel like books are such an important part of the journey and whilst I could list every book I have ever read that inspires me, I thought I would pick some that are a bit different. You can read the Top 7 books on Sustainable Fashion in the Guardian and see two of the authors I mention are in this list too.

EARTH LOGIC – Fashion Action Research Plan

Roberta Style Lee recommends - Earth Logic Fashion Action Research Plan by Kate Fletcher & Mathilda Than

Earth logic  is a fashion action research plan commissioned by JJ charitable trust an environment conservation charity and written by Kate Fletcher and Matilda Than. It presents a nature first action plan as the solution to sustainable fashion. Earth logic acts as a radical call to action to those in the fashion industry to admit that sustainable fashion can only be achieved through ‘staying with the trouble’ of envisioning fashion connected with nature, people and long-term healthy futures. Earth logic has been described by experts as being both simple and changing everything.

Having attended the workshop hosted by Kate and Matilda in London just before the lockdown began, I was able to get the chance to see how the contents are intended to be implemented. Every chapter I have read has helped influence the development of my business and the decisions I make. I always ask myself if I were to put earth first, would I come to the same outcome? This book literally challenges the way we see ourselves in the world and encourages us to take action, not just talk about protecting and preserving our planet. This book is brilliant and a must have for anyone running a fashion business or indeed working in the industry.




Roberta Style Lee recommends  - SLOW Fashion by Safia MInnie

Slow Fashion by Safia Minney gives a glimpse into the eco-concept store movement. These are brands and businesses that put people, their livelihoods and environmental sustainability first in everything they do. Minney’s book was described perfectly by MOCHNI as being the ‘ultimate guide to the world of ethical fashion’ and the ‘SparkNotes for the sustainable industry’. If you are interested in launching your own ethical brand or already have your own ethical brand this book is a must-have.

It covers every aspect of sustainable fashion you would need to know including, to the industries impact on our environment and social health to a detailed history of conscious fashion design.

The author of this book Safia Minney is a leader within sustainable fashion she is an entrepreneur and author. She has over 20 years’ experience as a Global CEO of the company she founded, People Tree, a company which developed the first sustainable and Fair-Trade supply chains and standards with advisory roles and advisory bodies. 

This book was gifted to me by a friend at the start of my sustainable fashion journey and it helped me understand the complexity of fashion. Whilst I find the contents inspiring, the image of sustainable fashion that is portrayed isn’t something that will suit all tastes. Thankfully sustainable and ethical clothing brands have come a long way since this book was published, today there are so many gorgeous brands to choose from now.

Insta: @safia_minney

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Roberta Style Lee recommends  - Trashion Forward by Kenny Jackson

Trashion Forward is a beautiful coffee table book by ethical lifestyle blogger Kenny Jackson. Kenny grew up with sustainable fashion, as his family wasn’t very well off his mother introduced him to the concept of buying quality over quantity and making your clothes. And as a result, he has been interested in fashion and sustainability ever since.

He published this book because he wanted to change preconceptions around sustainable and ethical fashion, he used this book to demonstrate that sustainable fashion and design can be luxurious.

In this book, Jackson showcases someone of the most beautiful pieces and talented designers from across the sustainable fashion world. It is the perfect one-stop-shop for sustainable fashion and design inspiration. A portion of the raised by Trashion Forward goes towards Fashion Revolution, an organisation Ethical Brand Directory have worked with a lot in the past.  

I personally love a good coffee table book, filled with beautiful pictures and inspirational content. Trashion Forward is a real hardback book for anyone who cares about sustainability and style. There are so many unique and beautiful brands inside the covers – it’s a must read for any sustainable fashionista.

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What did you think of my recommendations? Have you heard of these books? I would love to know what books have inspired you, please feel free to add them in the comments.

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