3 Tips To Help You Find Your Own Personal Style

When we are busy or running late we can be forgiven for grabbing the easiest item of clothing. Ever had one of those moments where you get to work, look in the mirror and think ‘what was I thinking? This does nothing for me!’

I have… That was back in the days when I had a massive collection of mismatched clothes that I bought without really knowing what my personal style was.

I’m thinking back to a particular dress that I kept for convenience and whilst it was a quick win (no ironing) the colour did nothing for my complexion (at least until I found time to put makeup on) and the material created this static fiction with my tights so the dress would stick to my body instead of draping gracefully off my curves. I didn’t have a blazer or pair of shoes that really went well with it either.  This is a classic example of what many of us do – we buy something without really having an idea about how it would work the rest of our wardrobe.

Every time I wore this dress and I caught sight of myself in it, it immediately impacted my self-confidence. Why didn’t I throw it out sooner?! I kept putting it back in the wardrobe and grabbing it as my ‘running late outfit. I had many days where I was running late and many days where I did not feel good about my appearance. Knowing your personal style is more than just nailing down what you like – it’s about figuring out what clothes work with your body and lifestyle. Everything you own should make you feel good about yourself.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Discover Your Own Personal Style

  1. Remove items of clothing that you haven’t worn, don’t flatter you or don’t fit you anymore  – now look through what is actually left. Try on everything else and only keep the items that make you look and feel good.
  2. Create a list of the items you wear the most frequently and write down why you think that is.
  3. Look through photographs and pick out any outfits where you feel you look good – and make a note of any outfits you have received compliments on whilst wearing them.
​Now all you need to do is analyse the findings and look at ways to ensure your wardrobe only has clothes in it that make you look good, feel good and that compliment your current body shape and lifestyle.
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