14 Ways To Feed Your Confidence

Confidence grows with time. But you can fast track confidence and learn new ways to embed confidence from your very core.

Confidence manifests itself in everything we do, in every aspect of our lives and how we treat ourselves and allow ourselves to be treated by others. It all adds up.

Consider every moment from: 

  1. the type of sleep you get,
  2. what you eat,
  3. how much water you drink,
  4. the amount of exercise to take,
  5. the words you use when you talk,
  6. how you interact with people,
  7. the clothes you wear
  8. the way you hold yourself (body language)
  9. what you do when you relax and socialise,
  10. how you apply yourself to work tasks,
  11. how you plan,
  12. how react to difficult situations,
  13. how you process your emotions,
  14. your reactions to things you cannot control…

As I said, confidence can manifest itself in every single thing you do. You just have to tap into it and use every opportunity to your advantage.

You become like the people you surround yourself with 

You can start to build your confidence by being around people that are confident, that are happy and that are making a success of their life.

People’s attitudes are contagious – are the people’s attitudes that you currently surround yourself with worth catching?

Confidence can be intimidating…

Not everyone is ready or willing to be around people that exude confidence and dare to be different. Occasionally you’ll experience the ‘haters’ in life – the ones that try to bring confident people down. That’s just par for the course and a real reflection on them and their own insecurities. Don’t let that stop you on your own personal journey. In order to be different, we have to become different – sometimes that means leaving some people behind.

Confidence can be empowering 

Decide who you want to be – and go for it.

It’s easier than you may think to make new friends and be in communities where confidence flows freely like a stream. These are the communities you need to seek out. You can try Facebook, Meet-Up, local groups at the library, free fitness in the community – there are a bunch of things out there right under your nose. You just have to look for it.

There are no limits. Only the ones you set for yourself.

We can all benefit from outside help and encouragement – if are looking for a coach please check out my website to find out more.

Stay fabulous

Roberta x

You can see more over on the website at www.robertastylelee.co.uk 

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