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#LovedClothesLast was the theme for Day 6 of Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution event and was all about caring for our clothes and appreciating our existing wardrobes.

We’ve all seen the stats that the fashion industry is hugely polluting, and that we all wear about 20% of our wardrobes 80% of the time – but leading with shock tactics is never a great way to motivate people to make long-lasting change.

Building a sustainable wardrobe is the same; people will still want to buy from the high-street or their favourite fast-fashion brands…my job isn’t to shame them, but to simply inspire them to rethink their relationship with clothing and see the value in their existing wardrobe. And that’s why sharing our clothing love stories is so powerful.

When we love our clothes, we’re more likely to wear and care for them. And less clothing wasted and consumed means less stress on our planet! Hopefully, by sharing our clothing love stories we can encourage others to do the same. 

Today’s blog is a short write-up of my ‘Clothing Love Stories’ session, hosted in support of Fashion Revolution. I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I did! 

Izzy McLeod |  IG @muccycloud

Izzy McLeod | The Quirky Environmentalist | Sharing her Vintage Dungarees Clothing Love Story | Secondhand Fashion

First up we had the lovely Izzy McLeod aka The Quirky Environmentalist who shared a ‘love letter’ to her dungarees. Izzy recounted her search for the perfect pair of dungarees, through countless vintage shops across the world. Every pair was just a bit too long, too baggy or just didn’t look quite right. Something I’m sure almost all of us can relate to – I definitely can! 

Eventually, Izzy found her perfect pair of dungarees in the least expected place. Not through charity shop trawls or high-street shopping sprees but from her sister as a pair of hand-me-downs. Izzy admitted that they weren’t the most flattering or well-fitting piece but she loved them just the same – for their comfiness, practicality and versatility.

Izzy’s clothing love story proves that ‘second-hand’ fashion doesn’t mean second best! These are a piece that likely saw #100wears before they even reached her – and I’m sure will see another 100 wears…and more.

Tamara Cincik / IG: @TamaraCincik  @fashionroundtable

 Tamara Cincik | Founder of The Fashion Round Table | Sharing her Clothing Love Story | Blog

Next up we had Tamara Cincik – a renowned fashion editor, consultant and Founder of Fashion Roundtable which works across all aspects of the fashion industry to ensure it’s long-term sustainable growth. Tamara’s sustainable fashion efforts also extend to her wardrobe!

A self-confessed lover of vintage finds, Tamara said she often finds herself returning to the thrifted pieces she has been collecting for years. One of her favourite vintage finds is an early 1970s dress by David Silverman – a UK based manufacturing company. She loves his very original use of print which takes its inspiration from nature and art nouveau. 

Another fab fashion story from Tamara! I absolutely love vintage stores, they take me back to a simpler time in my twenties when I’d spend my weekends browsing stores in East London and experimenting with clothes. The best thing about shopping ‘vintage’ is the extra life we’re able to give to an already pre-loved item and prevent clothing from going to landfill before its time. If you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe for less and find original pieces, vintage shops are the place to go.

Margarida Vasconcelos / IG @daisyandthyme

Margarida Vasconcelos | Daisy and Thyme | Ethical and Sustainable Living Blogger Discusses her Clothing Love Story for Fashion Revolution

Last but by no means least, we heard a clothing love story from Margarida Vasconcelos – a lifestyle blogger who writes on everything from ethical and sustainable living to crafts and responsible travel. 

Margarida shared several ‘love letters’ to her clothes from the cardigan she bought at a market with her mum to a vintage lilac dress which she describes as a ‘treasure’. The standout story for me had to be the one about Margarida’s vintage handbag which was upcycled by a Portuguese designer. Bought years ago with her mum on a trip to Lisbon, the bag was used so much the handles fell apart last year! Rather than resign her bag to landfill, Margarida had the handles replaced – which cost more than the bag itself! – but she was more than happy to invest because she loved this piece so much. This story beautifully shows the emotional connection we have to our wardrobes and the happiness they can bring us.

Care for Your Clothes like the Good Friends they are…

Clothing stories, we all have them. There are pieces that each and every one of us owns which have their own unique stories behind them: where we discovered them, when and how they make us feel. Clothing is so much more than the fabric we wear – they carry memories, affect the way we feel and present ourselves. There is so much value in our clothing and it’s time we start loving the pieces in our wardrobes like the good friends they are.

Do you have your own clothing love story? Share it in the comments or on your socials using the hashtag #LovedClothesLast and tag me so I can read and reshare them! (IG: @robertastylelee TW:@r0bertalee)


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