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My Zero Waste Week Top 5 Sustainable Styling Tips

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It’s Zero Waste Week’s fourth day and the focus is on Top Tips. In my video I show my Top 5 Sustainable Styling Tips for getting started with a more sustainable wardrobe and making the most of what you already own

When it comes to getting started with your personal style – it can be overwhelming. I talk through the sustainable styling tips for consideration before embarking on a sustainable wardrobe. I also explain in Tip 5 why one thing is so important – and if its over looked it can cause an abundance of clothing waste.

Warning: I do talk at speed in this one and get everything wrapped up in under 10-minutes! Don’t misstate final tip and it’s one stylists often forget to put enough emphasis on in all their free style content.

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Have a sustainably stylish day ahead! Don’t forget to check out the NEW Ethical Brand Directory for inspiration of sustainable and ethical fashion brands!

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