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Zero Waste Week Shirt Up-cycling Ideas

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It’s Zero Waste Week’s third day and the focus is up-cycling. In my video I show you how you can up-cycle an old checkered shirt and turn it into a gift bag and a pillow case. I also share other ideas so you can up-cycle more of what you already own. I go all Blue Peter and channel my creative diva.

Tune in for some sustainable up-cycling ideas, inspiration and of course sustainable style tips! Grab an old shirt and some scissors and let’s see what you can do.


Warning: I do share my ignorance and lack of knowledge when it comes to the ethical and sustainable credentials of ‘wonder-web‘ and apparently I do waffle according to the very polite Wendy Williams in the video comments, lol!

What did you think about the gift bags? A nice way to present a bottle of wine? I would love to hear or see what you’ve done with a shirt! You can add comments below or if you want to connect on FB just pop a post on my wall over at

Have a wonderfully creative day!

Roberta x

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