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Zero Waste Week Make Do & Mend It

Roberta Lee Style Tips, Sustainability & Ethics

It’s Zero Waste Week’s first day over and done – the focus was Make Do & Mend. In my video I chat about the ways we can make our clothes (well shoes actually) go further and why simply sending our clothes to the charity shop isn’t the answer.

Tune in for some sustainable style tips – and awesome little bloopers from me. Basically watch this video if you’re interested in discovering some neat ways to walk more miles in your existing shoes. Zero Waste week for me is less about being frugal but more about being creative and resourceful with what you’ve already got. That’s sustainable styling chicas!

Warning: There may be a hint of glam and embellishment


Enjoy and let me know your thoughts on maintaining, make do and mending or customising your shoes. What else can we do?

Roberta x

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