What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is something that everyone should be aware of.  Even if you don’t have your own business, you have a personal identity, and that is your brand.  It matters in life, in business and in your career. People with strong personal brands are self-aware and have taken the time to ensure that the message they portray is reflective of their values and most importantly, that they are authentic. 


Unintentional Personal Branding 

For so long, branding has been a marketing concept only used in companies – nowadays, with the internet and social media, we all have an identity online as well as how we live the day to day. Not many women sit down and consciously created their own personal brand – however our personal brand profile exists nonetheless.  Taking time out to look at your message, understand how you are perceived by others and whether that is aligned with your values and beliefs is hugely important. 

We all know that authenticity is a key component in building trust. If you dismiss the online world, and other peoples perception of you – essentially you are allowing your personal brand to be defined by others.


A strong personal brand is not only empowering, but it gives you:

  • A clear unique selling point 
  • Focus 
  • Clarity enables you to build traction
  • personal credibility 
  • The ability to build a trusted network 
  • The recognition that will enable you to become an influencer.
  • A clear narrative so when people meet you, you are authentic and reflect your brand. 
  • This will help you in life, and your business / career.


Your Personal Identity 

When you look in the mirror – are you portraying your personal brand in the best possible way?  When you get dressed, do your clothes speak to your ideal clients, or do your outfits give you the credibility and respect you deserve in the workplace?  Not only is having a clear purpose, knowing your why and wearing your values a hugely empowering exercise, but it gives you the tools you need to stand out and make an impact.


Sessions are ran for a 1/2 day or a full day and include:

  • A review of your brand or perceived position within your career 
  • Feedback on the perception of your existing profile 
  • Steps to define your personal brand message 
  • A review of colours you wear and use within your branding online 
  • A closer look at your online and offline persona and identifying any incongruences 
  • Recommendations for bridging the gap between who you want to be seen as and who you are. 


For more information on Personal Branding, please send an email with an overview of what you’d like to achieve.

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