Colour analysis is a process that helps an individual discover more about the colours that compliment them and why. This can also be referred to as personal colour analysis (PCA), seasonal colour analysis, or skin-tone matching.  The techniques vary from each trained analyst and there will always be a matter of personal preference of what looks best based by the personal doing your colours. Ultimately you should be feel more confident – the colours suggested for you should enhance your natural beauty and make you feel vibrant. 

The benefits of colour analysis 

Having colour analysis done is hugely beneficial and can help boost your self-confidence, give you clarity on what to wear and why and help save you money and many fashion faux pas. It’s also a great tool for anyone starting their own personal brand. The science and psychology of colours is fascinating, how things look on you and how they make you feel is a great thing to explore, tap into and use as a tool to make you feel like the best version of yourself everyday, in-person and online.  

How does colour analysis work?

The method of determining the colours starts with looking at your hair and skin complexion, and seeing whether you have high contrast or low contrast of your features. Other factors that help identify a cis you  fall within a season. I use the classic 4-season system as a guideline for colours, however most women and men I carry out colour analysis on, tend to be able to wear more colours. I was trained by Nisha from Style Me in the 4-seasons technique.

The 4 seasons are: Winter & Summer (cool) and Spring & Autumn (warm) – and it’s almost impossible to tell what your undertones are, unless you use the defining colour swatches.

It’s also very likely that you will be confused further by being able to wear some colours from all of the seasons – whilst many stylists will insist you must stick to one season, many of my clients have found they sit between two seasons – and if like they way they ‘feel’ in a few colours from the opposite spectrum warm Vs. cool –  that’s OK too.  Colour analysis isn’t meant to stifle you, it’s meant to empower you! The science behind the analysis does help you understand the colours to eliminate from your wardrobe – and that in itself is priceless!

If you have a keen eye for colour and are able to identify sets of colours that do and don’t work for you – you can probably figure out if you’re warm or cool. That said, before I got my colours done by a trained analyst – I thought I was meant to wear warm autumn colours. Ironically, I always disliked the majority of colours and tended to opt for more bright spring and winter colours instead. After having my colours professionally done, I discovered I was a true winter and that’s why I am able to wear black and white effortlessly – so my monochrome addition was for a reason! Realising what colours are cool and warm has helped me stay more focused when looking for new clothes for my wardrobe, the biggest revelation for me was finding colours that make my skin look good without makeup on.  That changed me from anti-colour analysis to a believer. 

How to determine if colours suit you or not

First of there is the science bit… groups of colours will work well with people who have particular natural colourings, undertones and certain facial features. The process of colour analysis identifies shades that are not flattering or, incredibly flattering without any make-up on at all.  Key things we’ll look out for are:

  • If the colour is emphasising flaws, dark circles, wrinkles and uneven skin tone 
  • Any shadows or illusions that occur on the face when placing specific colours under the chin
  • If the colours make you look yellow, grey and generally unwell
  • You will also notice when a colour immediately illuminates you skin and makes you look fresh faced and vibrant (without any make-up on)


Important to note

You are unique and not every colour within the season or 2 seasons you fall into will suit you perfectly. And that’s OK. It’s also importnat to recognise that if some colours genuinely make you FEEL GOOD and lift your spirits then you should continue to wear them. 

Shopping for new clothes 

If like me, you’re concerned with the ethical and environmental issues in the fashion industry, you may opt for buying pre-loved and ethical clothing. However this can prove to be a challenge, you will need to be patient and build up your new colours over time. Head over to to check our the brands I recommend. My tip for shopping is to focus on the colour first and the fit second (as clothes can be altered, colours are harder to change). Note that you will need apply variations to the colours as it will be difficult to get exact matches. Some seasons the shops may be full of your colours and during other times they may be all the wrong colours for you. It’s a bit hit and miss like that.


I travel around London and can come to your home with the swatches and help you identify your colours. All you need is a chair and mirror positioned in natural light so that we can clearly see your reflection. I need to be able to set up my swatches easily and quickly work through draping the colours on you to identify your season(s).  Group bookings can be accommodated too at a reduced rate per person. Please enquire. 

You’ll need to book the service and then we will agree on a time and date. A small surcharge may be added if you live outside of zone 4 in London. The cost of analysis includes travel to your home. 

The cost of a colour fan is not included, these retail at £19.99 and can be purchased from Amazon. 

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