What body shape do I have?

I get asked this all the time – what body shape do I have? It would seem many of us go through most of our life second guessing our body shape. Do you know yours?

The only way to know what shape you really are is to measure yourself. Of course you can ask a friend to look at your proportions, but I really think it’s important to measure yourself and know your exact proportions, because once you know these – it will make shopping for clothes much easier.

What body shape do I have?

To find out what body shape you have, you will need to grab a measuring tape and measure yourself. Check my previous blog [here] about learning to love and accept your body’s unique proportions, and what body parts to measure.

To make the body shape analysis simple, I have broken it down into 5 distinct body types – each has its own set of variations. There are almost 13 different explanations for body types out there – it can be very confusing. My clients ask me this all the time: Am I a pear or a bell? Am I am brick or a ruler? What’s the difference? Sometimes it’s just a different word to describe the same shape. Or it’s a variation of a classic shape which takes into account more proportions of women’s bodies.

How body shape analysis is worked out

When I work with a client I take measurements which include the shoulders, waist and hips and thighs – and I then look at the ratio and where the biggest to smallest measurement is.

Other considerations are the length of the torso which can vary – the bell, cello, cornet and vase are all variations of a body shape based on the torso.

Which body shape is closest to your?

Type 1. Triangle – Lower body is bigger: triangle, bell, pear, skittle or spoon

Type 2. Inverted Triangle – Upper body is bigger: Inverted triangle, Cornet, V-shape, cone, or lollipop

Type 3. Hourglass – Even shoulder to hip ratio with a small waist: hourglass classic, hourglass top, cello or vase

Type 4. Ruler – Shoulders, hips and waist ratio very close, ruler, boxy, banana, brick, athletic

Type 5. Oval – Torso isn’t defined and is bigger than shoulders and hips: Oval, apple or diamond.

*Check back soon as I will be adding a new blog for each body shape and tips for what clothes to wear to make the most of your amazing shape!

Take your measurements and then come back and check your proportions against this chart:

Body Shape Chart

How to dress for your body shape

Learning how to dress for your body shape is an art – I always say it’s best to know the rules before you break them.

Never take any advice from a stylist as the final word. If you feel comfortable with your shape don’t ever feel like you ‘need’ to achieve balance and to cover this, or minimise that. Feel free to experiment and choose clothes that make you feel good.

Ultimately learning how to dress your body shape is about embracing the body you’ve got and knowing how to wear clothes that make you look and feel fabulous. Clothes should empower you, not hide you.

Which body type did are you? Add your comments below. I am keen to know!

Stay fabulous x

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