After the session with Roberta I had a very clear sense of what my capsule collection needed to be. I quickly went through my clothes and identified the few purchases I needed to make. Within 2 days I had sorted my wardrobe for the season. I absolutely love Roberta's coaching style. She's friendly, clever, and truly perceptive. She interprets my needs quickly and effectively helping me save a lot of time!

(Marianna, Public Speaking Coach | London )

I've used Roberta's fashion SOS service now for two very different events - a wedding in Venice and a London awards ceremony. She helped me repurpose an old dress with a couple of key new accessories, supporting me while I was in the shopping centre via WhatsApp. More recently, she did a live make-up and hair tutorial, after correctly assessing what would complement my chosen look for the evening. I am so impressed, I would never have done those things without her help.

(Leanne, Personal Styling Client | London)

I wanted to do something to get myself back into a better condition. But I just didn't manage to start. I had the same excuses we all do have - always too busy, hosting guests, going to social events etc. Roberta’s coaching also kept me motivated and showed me how to deal with planning during stressful days or if I travel. I really enjoy my new lifestyle. I feel powerful, more active and I am happy with myself.

(Ulrike, Confidence Coaching Client | Berlin)

Roberta is a force of creativity and confidence in abundance. I was very nervous about attending a personal styling session but decided to treat myself for my birthday. I left with new ideas and a great understanding of what clothes and accessories best suit my body shape and how to co-ordinate them.Over the coming weeks I noticed by self esteem increased which has inspired me to seek out more sustainable designers and a new way of shopping and seeing life. I really look forward to working with Roberta again in the near future

(Yvonne Phillip, Personal Styling Client, London)

Roberta helped me see that my weight isn't an issue and that with thought I can make my clothes work better for me

(Neen, Personal Styling Client | Scotland)

Today I had my style consultancy and wardrobe edit with Roberta and what an eye opener. We'd never met before but she instantly understood my needs. I didn't realise the depth we'd go into online with me digging out the entire contents of my wardrobe and seeing not only how it looked but how I FELT in things. As a business woman who works from home and has a 11 Month old a hubby who never dresses up combined with living in the highlands... you get the idea. It's been easy to slip into slobby unfeminine clothes. I enjoyed having an overhaul and having to be honest with myself felt easier with Roberta holding my hand through the process. Also on a practical level I have more space in my drawers and a batch of clothes I can sell. It's outside of my comfort zone doing this but everything Roberta has said so far makes perfect sense. Her colour advice is bang on and the style she's suggested makes sense to me. We have a pile of yes and a pile of let's modify and work on it. She's amazing and empowering. Work with her!!! One epiphany I had is that we worked out my clothes make me think "god I hope nobody comes round and sees me" which isn't ideal energy for me to have when I'm trying to attract new clients whether anyone sees me or not!

(Personal Styling Client)

Hi Roberta, I love it. Thank you. I started the edit stage at the weekend and 1 bag was deposited again the charity shop and I have decided what to wear on Saturday night that doesn't require a new purchase, leaving more money for cocktails 😀I have identified two gaps...long jumper/tunic to go with leggings for laid back look and school runs, and a go-with-everything jacket for smart casual days or evenings, mostly to be paired with jeans. I also picked up on something you also said on instagram and decided to grow my hair back into a bob for a softer look and also because I don't like the size of my nose in photos with my hair short! It's in a painful can't do anything with it stage and I'm experimenting with hair bands. Work in progress which I am enjoying very much, so thank you for the inspiration. I follow you on instagram..

(Helen, Personal Styling Client)