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Gift experiences are sometimes the best option for the person who has everything they need or never takes time out to to treat themselves. Perfect for mums, dads, entrepreneurs and those in the public eye.

Personal styling services aren't just for those who need help with their 'style' but those looking to refine their closet, whether that's making space, re-organising, or transitioning towards a minimalist wardrobe.

If you're stuck for a gift idea, give the gift of style with a Roberta Style Lee Gift Certificate.

We offer physical gift certificates, and digital certificates are available upon request. You can purchase by heading to our services page and clicking on the Gift Voucher product.

Select from £25, £50 and £100 values.

If purchasing a gift certificate in a presentation box on our website, please ensure you specify a delivery address and we can also add a short personalised message with your order. Gift boxes and delivery is charged at £4.99 for shipping in the UK.




  • I found Roberta extremely helpful, and I am beginning to understand how skin, hair, and body shape influence clothing colour and style choices in shirts, suits, ties etc. I enjoyed the personal and friendly nature of the relationship; she quickly understood my tastes and selected colours and styles which I felt were ideal and introduced me to new ideas, colours and styles which I have subsequently tried out. The result of this has gotten me more attention from the opposite sex than I was expecting, it has helped me with my confidence in work and in play. I would recommend anyone to take their style to the next level with Roberta’s expertise, you can stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

    (Jason Lear, Personal Styling Client | London )

  • I had a personal styling session with Roberta as I had important event to attend. I hate shopping and I literally panic whenever there is an event coming up. She is incredibly knowledgeable about fashion & style and honestly felt her service went above and beyond – she listened to my fears and was able to turn it around. I left the session smiling, feeling confident . I got lots of compliments in all my outfits.
    Thank you so much Roberta. I would recommend her over & over again. It was such an amazing experience

    (Oyinda, Personal Styling Client | London)

  • After the session with Roberta I had a very clear sense of what my capsule collection needed to be. I quickly went through my clothes and identified the few purchases I needed to make. Within 2 days I had sorted my wardrobe for the season. I absolutely love Roberta’s coaching style. She’s friendly, clever, and truly perceptive. She interprets my needs quickly and effectively helping me save a lot of time!

    (Marianna, Personal Styling Client | London)

  • Roberta is a force of creativity and confidence in abundance. I was very nervous about attending a personal styling session but decided to treat myself for my birthday. I left with new ideas and a great understanding of what clothes and accessories best suit my body shape and how to co-ordinate them.Over the coming weeks I noticed by self esteem increased which has inspired me to seek out more sustainable designers and a new way of shopping and seeing life.

    (Yvonne, Personal Styling Client, London)

  • I had a personal styling session with Roberta which went through colour analysis, a wardrobe edit and personal branding. It was really important for me to know how to dress the part and be the face of my brand even if I was at home. Roberta showed me how I could do that by going through which colours complimented me, how to style my outfits using just one item of clothing that could be styled in five ways and getting rid of clothes I’d been hanging onto for years. The session revealed so much more than I had expected. Roberta is hugely inspiring. 

    (Harjit, Personal Styling Client | Essex )

  • This is a very interesting experience!! So I was always struggling to combine my clothes because I have never paid attention to colours which are great together or are perfect for my skin. I have never really felt comfortable with my wardrobe and most of the time I felt underdressed. I am really surprised how some colours can make me look younger and vibrant and some other colours make me me look older and more sad.  I learnt which are my best colours and how to create an ideal wardrobe where you don’t need too many pieces but you can combine all the colours effortlessly together.

    (Laura Zabo, Personal Styling Client | London )


Start your style story!

What you wear tells a story, write your next chapter with me, Style Expert Roberta Lee.

I offer bespoke styling and personal branding services for men and women because what we wear matters. And whilst an outfit does not define who you are,  the right outfit can bring out the best in you.



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