Personal Branding

Personal Branding - Wear Your Values

Make a lasting impression and align your personal style with your values. The perfect option for women in business who want to project an authentic professional image in person and online. Appeal to your target audience without losing your own identity – create a positive image and attract your tribe.

It’s hard to be subjective about your own style. Do you know what your clothes say about you? What sends out a positive message and what sends out the opposite?

If you look at your wardrobe and feel overwhelmed or feel uninspired by your reflection in the mirror then this experience will help you decode your wardrobe and the subliminal messages you are sending out to the world.

By consciously creating a signature style that reflects who you are on and offline, at work, at home and when you’re out to play – you’ll have the building blocks for creating a powerful brand.

The session begins with a review of your existing personal brand and a mini-style analysis. I won’t share any feedback until we’ve worked on what it is you want to express through your style narrative and branding. Only then will I share what my first impressions were. We will then explore all the elements that will be pivotal in building your personal brand, and we’ll work together to build the foundations for a personal style that is truly YOU.

This factors in a deep dive into your core values, your lifestyle, business aspirations, your WOW colours, defining a colour palette for your clothes, identifying a style direction, creating a moodboard and style aesthetic.

Clothing choices are important, first impressions matter and so do daily interactions – what we wear communicates who we are and what we care about. Our preferences and habits for life can be easily identified by our style and grooming choices.

This experience will take you through a series of well-thought-out and strategic sessions that you’d expect to pay a life coach, personal branding & image consultant to go through with you.

The good news is that I have bundled together all my corporate marketing experience, personal branding, confidence coaching, and styling experience into this service for you – it’s a very wholistic approach with starts with your values.

Starts from £1449.00

*All personal styling services are tailored to suit your needs, prices will vary based on these requirements. 

What's Included:

  • An extensive consultation to understand your personal brand and style objectives
  • A review of your online persona
  • A review of your values and key identifiers
  • Feedback on findings
  • Colour analysis
  • Body analysis
  • Wardrobe assessment
  • Styling recommendations to include colours



  • Project a positive self-image and personal brand
  • Be confident that your style is authentic and in line with your personal brand
  • Know how to dress to impress and be remembered for all the right reasons
  • Know what colours mean, and how they can make you feel and others feel
  • Feel empowered and driven by your core values to be your best, and look your best
  • Know how to decode your style, habits and build a wardrobe that helps you control the narrative
  • Be aware of the subliminal messages ‘we can all’ send out to the world by how we speak, hold ourselves and dress
  • Understand what ‘online’ versions of yourself can be revised to strengthen your true identity



I had a personal styling session with Roberta which went through colour analysis, a wardrobe edit and personal branding. As a business owner who works from home, I’d got into some bad habits of dressing down everyday and only dressing up when I had a meeting or event to go to. So it was really important for me to know how to dress the part and be the face of my brand even if I was at home. Not only does she know about style but her skills as a confidence coach really helped me overcome a few wardrobe attachment issues and hone in on what image I wanted to portray to the world.


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