Men’s Styling

Men's Personal Styling -

Feel confident in every outfit. Work with me to streamline your wardrobe and find the perfect colours, styles and shapes to create your unique personal style code. Take the stress out of getting dressed and focus your time, attention and energy on what you do best. Go forth and conquer!
Men’s personal styling is completely bespoke, and alterations and repairs can also be organised.

Starting from £449

*All personal styling services are tailored to suit your needs, prices will vary based on these requirements. 

What's Included:

  • A comprehensive consultation to understand your needs
  • If require a colour analysis session will be carried out to determine the best tones for your base colours for suits, tops and T-shirts
  • Body measurements will be taken which will help with finding the right fitting clothes, in case of any bespoke tailoring and alterations
  • If shopping is required it can be arranged in person for a streamlined shop and try on session


  • A stress free and light-hearted process to get your styling needs addressed
  • Confidence to wear the right colours and styles to accentuate your body shape
  • An understanding of men’s style etiquette (for specific events)
  • A selection of colours, patterns, prints and styles that you may not have considered wearing before.

Looking good is a sign of self-respect

I found Roberta extremely helpful, and I am beginning to understand how skin, hair, and body shape influence clothing colour and style choices in shirts, suits, ties etc. she quickly understood my tastes and selected colours and styles which I felt were ideal and introduced me to new ideas, colours and styles which I have subsequently tried out. The result of this has gotten me more attention from the opposite sex than I was expecting, it has helped me with my confidence!


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