Colour Analysis Party

Colour Analysis Party & Group Bookings

Discovering your perfect colours at a colour analysis party with friends or family in a relaxed environment is a great experience. As a group you will all learn about colours, warm and cool undertones, the different tones, shade and nuances of colours and why they look great on some of you, and why they don’t suit others.

It’s the perfect bonding experience and parties up to 15 people can be catered for. Parties and group booking are bespoke – please book a discovery call to find out more and about pricing options, upgrades and add ons.

Colour parties are great for family get togethers, birthdays, baby showers and other special events.

From 250 per person

*All personal styling services are tailored to suit your needs, prices will vary based on these requirements. 

What's Included:

  • You’ll carry out a group observational analysis of one another’s hair, skin and contrast.
  • Then a range of professional colour swatches will be draped around all participants to determine your undertones.
  • The colour parties include a worksheet that everyone can update as they go through the exercises.
  • Together we’ll talk through what each set of colours does for your complexion
  • We’ll conclude your skin undertones by evaluating the group of colours that worked best with your skin
  • We’ll identify the best lipstick colour for your complexion (theory).


  • You will all have a greater understanding of colour harmony having seen the effect of colour draping on group members
  • You’ll all find out your skin’s undertones (either warm, cool, or neutral).
  • You’ll all understand your tonal direction and if you’re primary characteristics are either: warm, cool, light, soft, bright, dark or deep.
  • You will know what the best base colours for the foundation of your wardrobe should be (your neutrals).
  • You will know what colours to avoid and why.
  • A digital colour palette handout will be emailed to everyone within 2-7 days.
  • Physical seasonal fabric swatches in wallets can be included as an optional extra on the day.
  • Attendees qualify for 40% off a 1:1 session at a later date for a more detailed colour analysis experience to include make-up and a mini wardrobe edit.

The best colour for you is the one that looks good on you

We had a group session with Roberta for personal colour consultation each of us were a different season, and we could actually see the difference on all us.

Shar (Group Colour Analysis Client)


Colour Analysis Party FAQ's

How many people can be catered for as a group?
15 is the maximum


How long does a colour party last?
It’s best to allow at least half a day.  The best time to start is approximately 10.30 a.m. depending on the time of year, and aiming to be finished by 3.30 p.m.


Can we drink alcohol?
Yes, but any anti-social behaviour or abuse will not be tolerated – and any damage to equipment will be charged from the security deposit.


What do we need to do for a party?
Confirm and book a location, and ensure you have lots of natural light and access to a large mirror.  Make sure the mirror can be placed in a position where everyone can see the draping.  A big mirror and lots of natural light are key for the experience.


What are the optional extras? 

  • Sustainably sourced alcohol or soft drinks can be provided, as well as a small range of organic snacks.
  • The session can be recorded or captured in stills by a professional videographer or photographer.
  • Physical fabric swatch wallets for all attendees
  • Other upgrades are available – please enquire.