Personal Styling Course


Creating your own signature style empower you to feel your very best, including:

  • A sense of unstoppable confidence
  • Pride and purpose and understanding in what you do, how you dress and why it matters
  • Knowing how to build a capsule wardrobe full of clothes that you can wear for every occasion

This online course will lead you through some self-reflective exercises that will help you identify your current style, emotional responses and default dressing and shopping habits, and how to tweak them so that your new style signature becomes your secret weapon for success.

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Creating your own signature style is life changing.  But where do you begin? What do you need to learn first? If you look at your wardrobe and feel a sense of overwhelm or feel uninspired by your reflection in the mirror. Finding time to express who you are and what you’re about through your clothes is an exciting journey.   Having a clear sense of style will bring you confidence in everyday life. This course will equip you with the tools you need to make a real difference to the way you dress, how  you feel about yourself and how other people perceive you.

Understanding the core ingredients to your signature style will enable you to:

    • Dress with confidence
    • Avoid wardrobe flusters
    • Buy clothes that you’ll actually wear
    • Benefit from creating a sustainable wardrobe at the same time too – kinder to your wallet and to the planet

This course will take you through a series of exercises that you’d expect to pay a life coach andpersonal branding & image consultant to go through with you. The good news is that I have bundled together all my personal branding, marketing, coaching and styling experience into the ultimate course for you.