One of the easiest things to do is just let life take over and neglect ourselves and our wardrobes.  Making a change is overwhelming and there are so many elements to consider. Taking the plunge and opting for an all-in ‘style’ makeover in a day and a half is an exciting opportunity.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A lifestyle and personal style analysis
  • Colour analysis & customised colour chart for your mobile phone
  • Body shape analysis
  • A Wardrobe edit & organise
  • A sustainable styling session (get a minimum of 5-new looks created out of your existing collection)
  • A clear idea of your style & personal brand going forward
  • A style report summarising all of the outcomes from your styling sessions

Investing in an intensive 2-day makeover is a great way to beat procrastination and help find the emotional and physical clarity you need to create a purposeful wardrobe.  Our clothing choices can either propel us forward or hold us back, let your personal style be your secret weapon for confidence and success. Whether you run a business or not, you are your personal brand and how you choose to show up speaks volumes. Take control of the  narrative.


After 2 days you’ll have:

  • A clearer idea on your style profile
  • Clarity on your style goals
  • Confidence to shop for the clothes you need
  • An organised wardrobe
  • A list of new items to add to your collection

This 2-day intensive is open to residents in London and the surrounding areas.

*A surcharge for home visits outside of London will be added.  Additional fees for large wardrobes that require intensive edits.

Client Success Story

“I had a personal styling session with Roberta which went through colour analysis, a wardrobe edit and personal branding. As a business owner who works from home, I’d got into some bad habits of dressing down everyday and only dressing up when I had a meeting or event to go to. So it was really important for me to know how to dress the part and be the face of my brand even if I was at home.


The session revealed so much more than I had expected. Roberta is hugely inspiring. Not only does she know about style but her skills as a confidence coach really helped me overcome a few wardrobe attachment issues and hone in on what image I wanted to portray to the world.

Roberta really understands the dilemma a lot of women face when it comes to issues around body image and styling. She’s open, honest and not afraid to talk about her own experiences. An empowering woman and a wonderful experience!”

(Harjit, Confidence, Style & Personal Branding Client | London)

You’ll benefit from:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
  • Item 4