To help the conscious consumer easily find the item they need by providing one single platform showcasing stylish, ethical and sustainable brands in the UK, Europe and beyond. Yes, it’s true this directory started off as a place for women to find stylish clothes – but’s it’s now grown into a site to support ethical living (without compromising on aesthetics).


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    Brands that list their profile for ‘backlinks’ and then unsubscribe from our email list will be removed. We are a community we promote ethics in business and how we behave in the EBD community is no exception. 

  • £14.99 for the standard annual package. This includes a profile picture on the A-Z, 3 pictures and links to social media and gives you an opportunity to engage with EBD visitors. 
  • £29.99 for a premium annual listing. This includes a profile picture on the A-Z, this is the option for brands wanting the VIP treatment 🙂 Get up to 8 images, up to 5-social media links, and a YouTube video. 

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  • Within the form you’ll be prompted to add all the necessary details for your brand and the items you stock, links to your ethics policy, sustainability policy, awards, certifications and memberships.
  • We’ll need you to submit web friendly images – otherwise you’ll break our website. Any images you submit may be used for promoting your brand across social media.
  • Please pay attention to the instructions on the form – read the instructions first, plan your content and edit your images using if you don’t have photoshop before editing your listing – otherwise it may time out and you’ll have to do it all again (sorry)
  • Once you submit the form it will be reviewed by our team – we reserve the right to make any amendments we see fit to ensure the content fits the criteria of the EBD and the aesthetics are maintained. 

As a stylist I found it hard to source stylish sustainable and ethically made items for clients. So I started to make a list of the brands I had found that were not only beautiful, but ethical made. But Finding an alternatives to the usual high street brands was time consuming and the choices were limited. It takes time to research and that’s a big enough barrier for people shop responsibly. So that’s where the EBD can help you!

I wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to support brands that care. We are adding new search tools and more brands every month. It’s now an ethical living platform for men and women – showcasing unique and independent brands from the UK, Europe and beyond.

This platform will also act as an outreach tool for ethical and sustainable brands to connect, grow their business and learn more about their ideal audience.

It’s my personal mission to help empower people to think about who made the things they buy. Supporting ethical and sustainable brands isn’t for the elite few – it’s a responsibility and possibility for everyone on any budget.

The A-Z directory is complex and requires hours of admin and a website developer to maintain it. Advertising the platform throughout the year will also require a substantial budget. Very little profit, if any at all is expected to be generated as all funds will be re-invested into improving the platform. For the A-Z to fulfill its mission customers must be able to find the ethical alternative for the items they need and be able to make a purchase quickly with total confidence in the brands credentials.
On administration costs.
On website developer costs.
On social media – highly targeted advertising.
On associated business costs.
It will be reinvested to ensure the A-Z becomes the best ethical directory available on the web

Please enter your full website URL with the https:// –  if you skip this step the link won’t work. 

That’s fine. We offer all the brands an opportunity to have a featured image which is a landscape banner.

If you do not have a banner that you can use, consider submitting your logo and suitable image that our team can turn into a graphic for you.

Annual Listings

Basic – you’ll get a free basic text listing with a link to your website – that’s it. You won’t have a featured A-Z image,  any product images or hyperlinks to your  social media


Standard – a text listing, a featured A-Z image,  with 3 images and 1 hyperlink to your website and 3 social media – this includes limited promotion within our social media marketing throughout the year. 


Premium – a full listing , a featured A-Z image so that people notice your profile, you have the ability to add up to 5 social media links, your website link, links to your ethics and sustainability pages etc, 8 product images and 1 Youtube video – this includes dedicated promotion within our social media marketing throughout the year. 


Monthly Offers

£49.99 per 2-3 months of promotion EBD homepage & at least 1 shout out on our email distribution list & regular shout outs across social media.

(max of 3 brands listed per month)

If you are struggling to get your profile updated or anything at all, please email