Confidence Boosting Eyebrows By Andrew Stassi

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Eyebrows, it would seem, you either have them or you don’t. I belong to the latter camp. Every time I see a teen, a twenty-something, or Cara Delevingne, my brow twitches with envy. How I wish that tweezers in the early 1990s were abolished, or at least made illegal for minors to yield and pluck away their facial expression. As a teenager growing up in the 1990s, I fell victim to the skinny brow trend. Regret isn’t a word I use often – but in the case of eyebrows, it’s a word that is quite fitting for me.

Time travel or tattoos 
So until Richard Branson’s creates Virgin Time Travel, I guess us mere mortals (that plucked away at our distinctive face framing features in the early 90s) have one other option: tattooing.
Eyebrow tattooing isn’t new – but it is certainly gaining popularity. I had my first encounter with eyebrow enhancement about 8 years ago. When I moved to London, I was given the chance to be a model for a semi-permanent makeup company. Back then, I really had no clue, so I said yes and they ruined them. I stayed in and hid for weeks, I was so self-conscious. I told a few people I was staying in to hide and they insensitively broadcasted it to all of our friends. I was mortified beyond belief. Back then, this type of enhancement wasn’t mainstream and I certainly didn’t want to draw attention to my bodged brows that I couldn’t do anything about.

Do your research 

I researched a few semi-permanent make-up experts in London and found Smudge-Free. I had a consultation with the well-respected Andrew Stassi. I wanted to see if he could get my eyebrows corrected. He was disappointed with the poor placement of pigmentation from the previous bodge, but he said he could make them better. He did add the disclaimer that he could make them better than they were, but they wouldn’t be exactly how he would have done them, as he wasn’t working on a blank canvas. Fair enough.

Go back until they get them perfect 
I’ve been back now to see Andrew 3 or 4 times. He never disappoints. I always need my top-ups and a little bit more depth to my brows, otherwise, they look too skinny. Andrew always welcomes me back to get them looking perfect. It’s part of the process – the first pass at the eyebrows normally sets the shape, but the pigment can be rejected or fade so the top-up is always essential for me. Different people have different experiences and for some just one pass can be enough.

My recent brow enhancement 
I wanted thicker eyebrows this time, and I insisted that he made them thicker – but Andrew insisted in return that I kept a modest pair of brows due to the features on my face (and especially after having the bad experience last time with another popular semi-permanent specialist in London).
Andrew set to work doing the usual, penciling my brows on to get the shape and thickness. Then he stepped back and examined his work. He checked in with me all the time and I got to see every step of the process and agree on the colour and shape and weight of the new brows.
No stenciling marks were drawn or measurements are ever drawn onto my face for this treatment – not with Andrew, he works free-hand (as do most technicians now – be wary of anyone who stencils your brows on!) and is very particular about his work. Stepping back and reviewing them, adding a bit more here and there – and being very conscious about how the brows can change your expression. 

Andrew Stassi – Eyebrow King!!! 
I have been seeing Andrew for the last few years – and I really don’t think I would ever trust anyone else with my face. He is the man for my eyebrows. They way he works fills me with confidence. We’ve also spoken about baby botox… I’m a bit scared about the taboo around botox and of course the Lesley Ash lip disaster – but Andrew assures me it’s perfectly safe and he has shown me his handy work on other clients and my word! The man can take 20 years of your face and restore balance, plumpness… I mean… amazing. 
Mr. Stassi was born to do this stuff.

My advice
NEVER act as a model for semi-permanent make-up; it’s not worth it. Spend the money – it’s a tattoo on your face. If you do model, speak up if you are not happy. Ultimately, a professional business will want good reviews and happy customers – they should always correct anything you are not happy with. But that’s the risk you run for not paying for these procedures. You do get what you pay or not pay for.
Stay fit, stay fab – and remember there is always a solution out there to help us regain our confidence again!
Roberta x

So when a gal loses her brows, what is she to do? Pencil them in? Yes, that’s an option – but dodgy pencil work can be just as bad. Anyone remember Gwen Stefani’s brows circa 2007?

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