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Zero Waste Week Sustainable Style Challenge

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It’s Zero Waste Week’s second day over and done – the focus was a Zero Waste Sustainable Style Challenge. In my video I show you how you can transform a wedding guest dress into a day skirt, peplum skirt for the evening and share some shockingly simple style tips so you can make more outfits out of what you already …

Roberta_Style_Lee_ Blog How To Build An Ethical Sustainable Wardrobe On A Budget

How to build an ethical & sustainable wardrobe (on a budget)

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Creating an ethical and sustainable wardrobe, buying from ethical fashion brands or sustainable fashion brands can seem like a costly transition. Having values and making changes to your life costs you not just time, but money. It’s a hard realisation when you look at the cost of being true to your beliefs. That’s why I created this blog to help get …

Why Is Ethics In Fashion Important?

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I managed to get Julie and Lara the beautiful ladies over at AmaElla Lingerie to speak to me about the importance of ethics in fashion in a special interview in support of Fashion Revolution week. As the co-founders of an entirely ethical and sustainable, luxury organic cotton lingerie company, I felt that they were perfectly positioned to share their insight …

Roberta Style Lee BLOG What is a Sustainable wardrobe

What Is A Sustainable Wardrobe?

Roberta Lee Ethical Brands, Style Tips, Sustainability & Ethics

I started to talk about the ‘Sustainable Wardrobe’ back in 2016.   It’s interesting becuase back then, the concept of a sustainable wardrobe sounded alien to people, although the fundamental building blocks made perfect sense, once I pointed out that we’ve forgotten how to shop for the long-term. Nowadays the term a sustainable wardrobe is starting to be used more widely,  …

9 Totally Legit Reasons To Hire A Stylist

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Do you think of personal stylist and think of celeb culture or does the idea of an image consultant conjure up an 80’s style dowdy middle-aged woman with a questionable outfit on, wavering around swatches of colours telling you that you’re cool autumn and a lollipop? Stylists and Image consultants  Well, whatever you think about personal styling, you’re probably right …