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Sustainable Styling Makeover Benefits

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In today’s video I’ll be giving you a brief overview of the benefits associated with sustainable styling verse traditional styling, and why a sustainable style makeover is worth the investment. If you’ve ever considered an personal style makeover, I would recommend you explore a sustainable styling makeover instead. Sustainable stylists like myself have an emphasis on being resourceful and kinder …

Roberta_Style Lee Blog | What To Expect From Zero Waste Week | Sustainable Stylist

Zero Waste Week Strikes Again

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Zero Waste Week takes place during the first full week of September. During the zero waste week I’m going to be sharing my tips and tricks to help you save money, reduce clothing waste and help protect the environment. Zero Waste Week is something that has only recently come onto my radar and I’m really excited to be learn from …

Roberta_Style_Lee_ Blog How To Build An Ethical Sustainable Wardrobe On A Budget

How to build an ethical & sustainable wardrobe (on a budget)

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Creating an ethical and sustainable wardrobe, buying from ethical fashion brands or sustainable fashion brands can seem like a costly transition. Having values and making changes to your life costs you not just time, but money. It’s a hard realisation when you look at the cost of being true to your beliefs. That’s why I created this blog to help get …

Imposter Syndrome Blog

Bad Shit Can Happen To Anyone

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Overwhelm and a lack of self-confidence can attack at any time. There are no age limits, it’s not gender specific and it doesn’t matter how well educated you are or what your genetic makeup looks like, we are all valid candidates for bad stuff to happen. Things don’t always go to plan, ‘bad shit’ has no prejudice, it does not care …

Podcast interview with Michelle Lim

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Discover Michelle’s amazing cross-country journey and why it helped her find her passion and become who she is today. In the interview we discuss the difficulties faced when moving countries, how she copes with missing family, the importance of maintaining family tradition and why the career change was so important for her. Listen into the full podcast episode to discover how Michelle stays …

Happy International Women’s Day – Get Inspired By Amazing Women

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Wednesday 8th March 2017 marks International Women’s Day (IWD) and the internet is flooded with great stories of women from around the world who have achieved great things. And quite rightly so, because as a gender females are still not treated equally or recognised for their greatness.  What is International Women’s Day all about?  It is said that IWD was started to help raise the …

My HydraFacial Review at Radiance MediSpa – My Search For Clearer Skin

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In my twenties I had my first acne outbreak – then my smooth porcelain looking dolls face started to look more like lumpy pizza dough. To say I had confidence issues with my skin was an understatement. I’ve actually taken it for granted having good skin over the past 10-years, until recently when I got another outbreak. Here I am …