Style & Sustainability

Roberta Lee RSL

It’s not a new idea that investing in your style, is an investment in your future – but it’s probably a new concept to most that knowing your personal style can save the planet. On Thursday the 24 of January I officially launched my new series of Sustainable Styling Workshops & Clothing Swaps in London. I invited a small group …

Meet The Changemaker

Roberta Lee RSL

Have you heard about the 30 day #MeetTheChangemakerChallenge created by #EthicalHour? Across January 2019 we are all encouraged to share our changemaker stories and this is the perfect opportunity to highlight the relationship between Roberta Style Lee and Ethical Brand Directory So here goes… I’m a changemaker because: I always wanted to create something that inspired others to believe in …

New Year New Wardrobe

New year, New you, New Wardrobe

Roberta Lee RSL

It takes a person 3 seconds to form an impression of you. So what we wear matters. Having a carefully curated wardrobe offers so many benefits, feeling empowered from the moment you wake up and get dressed is one of the most obvious, and one of the less relatable positive impacts of knowing your style is that it can help …

Personal Styling Workshops Cambridge

Cambridge Sustainable Fashion Festival: Styling Workshops

Roberta Lee RSL

I am a great believer that knowing your style can save the planet.  My goal has always been to empower women to be the best version of themselves from the inside out – and do it in a socially and environmentally responsible way.  Fashion is amazing, personal styling is so empowering, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of the planet, …

Millennials, fashion and our future

Roberta Lee RSL

Are millennials the secret ingredient when it comes to fashion and our future?  On Friday 01 June 2018, the dynamic duo that form ‘2Worlds’ Raphael and Latisha came to London to host their first #CircularVibes event at London Metropolitan University.  I was invited to share my thoughts on the impact millennials can have when it comes to fashion and a …

Roberta_Style_Lee_Podcast_BLOG_Ep22_ Alessandra Sollberger

Podcast interview Alessandra Sollberger

Roberta Lee Motivation & Inspiration, Roberta Style Lee Podcast, RSL, Women In Business

Tune into episode 22 on the Roberta Style Lee podcast with Alessandra Sollberger, founder & CEO of Evermore Health.  She shares her story inspiring story, from setting up her first little business at 11 years old and how that entrepreneurial spirit has served her ever since. Growing up as a pro swimmer and teaching windsurfing / snowboarding during high school, Alessandra …

The perfect gift of confidence & style

Roberta Lee RSL

How are you getting on buying those thoughtful but better than last year’s Valentine’s presents? Finding the perfect gift and trying to top your previous gifting efforts is never easy – but what if I told you that EXPERIENCES are the new gifting gold? Forget stuff and think about making memories and a difference to someone life. Research has shown …

Podcast interview with Music Artist EMM

Roberta Lee Confidence, Happiness & Self Belief, Roberta Style Lee Podcast, RSL, Women In Business

Meet EMM a singer, producer, musician, and prolific songwriter on today’s podcast – episode no 17. Whilst life may look glamorous to an outsider, Emm reveals the some truths and challenges she has faced – and continues to face every-day being a young female in the notoriously male dominated music industry. We talk about her journey and what inspires her …

Roberta Style Lee Blog | Benefits_of a Sustainable Style Makeover

Sustainable Styling Makeover Benefits

Roberta Lee RSL

In today’s video I’ll be giving you a brief overview of the benefits associated with sustainable styling verse traditional styling, and why a sustainable style makeover is worth the investment. If you’ve ever considered an personal style makeover, I would recommend you explore a sustainable styling makeover instead. Sustainable stylists like myself have an emphasis on being resourceful and kinder …