Wear Your Values – A journey with purpose

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I’ve been absent on social media, as I’m sure you noticed. My blogging has been sparse at best. Why? because I’ve needed time to go back to some important pieces of work around my purpose, vision and values. So I didn’t want to start posting again until I was clear about where I want to be and where I take …

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Podcast interview Alessandra Sollberger

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Tune into episode 22 on the Roberta Style Lee podcast with Alessandra Sollberger, founder & CEO of Evermore Health.  She shares her story inspiring story, from setting up her first little business at 11 years old and how that entrepreneurial spirit has served her ever since. Growing up as a pro swimmer and teaching windsurfing / snowboarding during high school, Alessandra …

Roberta Style Lee Blog Inspirational Womens Day 35 Inspirational Quotes.

International Women’s Day – 35 Inspirational Quotes

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International Women’s Day (IWD) lands on the 8th of March every  year. It was 1975 the United Nations started observing International Women’s Day, but it was in 1995 the day became officially recognised at the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.  It is celebrated in honour of women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements – and to raise awareness of …

Knowing Yourself, Loving Yourself and Living Your Values

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Tune into episode 20 and get to meet me again! (Part 2 of 3) I’m a confidence coach, speaker, stylist, founder of the Ethical Brand Directory and your podcast host. When you finally know yourself, trust yourself and are happy you can make those all important changes so you can live as your best self. When you have a set …

7 FREE Gift Ideas For Christmas

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Giving gifts  isn’t just about buying things. Sometimes it’s better to show you care by doing something. If finances are a bit tight (and we’ve all been there) there are things you can do that won’t cost you your hard earned cash. Giving doesn’t need to cost the earth either, both financially and literally. I came up with this list of …

Roberta_Style Lee Blog | What To Expect From Zero Waste Week | Sustainable Stylist

Zero Waste Week Strikes Again

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Zero Waste Week takes place during the first full week of September. During the zero waste week I’m going to be sharing my tips and tricks to help you save money, reduce clothing waste and help protect the environment. Zero Waste Week is something that has only recently come onto my radar and I’m really excited to be learn from …

Podcast interview with Michelle Lim

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Discover Michelle’s amazing cross-country journey and why it helped her find her passion and become who she is today. In the interview we discuss the difficulties faced when moving countries, how she copes with missing family, the importance of maintaining family tradition and why the career change was so important for her. Listen into the full podcast episode to discover how Michelle stays …