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Style Stories & Some Fun Facts with Marta Canga

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Welcome to my new Lockdown style-focused interview series which highlights some of my wonderful friends in the ethical and sustainable fashion space! Every style-conscious woman knows how important it is to draw inspiration from others – as a stylist, I am no exception. In this interview, I chat with vegan lifestyle blogger Marta Canga about her style story, what’s in …

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Sustainability, Shopping, and Running an Ethical Business

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I’m often asked what does a sustainable fashion future look like Roberta? I get journalists reaching out and asking me questions about consumerism, Ethical Brand Directory and my styling work all the time, and sadly not all of it gets published. So I’ve selected some questions I was asked last year and shared my answers. I hope you enjoy reading …

Roberta Style Lee - The Sustainable Stylist - BBC News

Live on BBC News Discussing Clothes Swaps & Sustainable Fashion

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On the 1st January 2020 I kicked off my year being invited into the BBC News studio as a sustainable style expert to discuss clothes swapping and sustainable fashion. I was on air with news presenter Julian Worricker for about 5-minutes. Click below to see the full interview. In this interview, I shared some stats about the importance of extending …

Roberta Lee - ITV News - Sustainable Style Expert

Live on ITV News Discussing Fast fashion

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Barnardo’s released their latest report on the British nations shopping habits and ITV News shared their latest findings. I was invited in to share my expert opinion. But first, here are the shocking fast fashion stats: This year Britons will spend an extraordinary £2.7 Billion on fashion that will only be worn once.The years’ wedding season outfit cost is estimated …